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ANTAM'S Recorded Positive Operation Performance Growth During The First Five Month Period of 2018
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During the first five month period of 2018 (5M18), ANTAM’s ferronickel production reached 10,618 tons nickel contained in ferronickel (TNi), increased 51% compared to ferronickel production volume for the first five month period of 2017 (5M17) which amounted to 7,019 TNi

In 5M18, ANTAM’s ferronickel sales reached 9,511 TNi, growth by 97% compared to ferronickel sales in 5M17 of 4,826 TNi


ANTAM’s gold sales in 5M18 was significantly growing by 303% from 3 tons of gold in 5M17 to 12.10 tons of gold in 5M18


In 5M18 ANTAM’s nickel ore sales reached 1.43 million wet metric ton (wmt), a 562% increase compared to 5M17. Bauxite ore sales volume also grew by 94% compared to bauxite sales in 5M17, or equal to 138 thousand wmt in 5M18


Jakarta, June 8, 2018 PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) recorded a positive growth in operation performance and company’s main commodity sales within the first five month period of 2018 (5M18), which surpasses production and sales achievements in the first five month period of 2017 (5M17). In 5M18, ANTAM posted ferronickel production volume amounted to 10,618 tons nickel contained in ferronickel (TNi). This number jumped 51% from 5M17 ferronickel production volume of 7,019 TNi. Along with the rise in production, the ferronickel sales in 5M18 also improved by 97% compared to 5M17, reached in total of 9,511 TNi in ferronickel during 5M18. Meanwhile for gold commodities, the total volume of gold production from Pongkor and Cibaliung reached up to 900 kg with the total sales volume of 12.10 tons or increased by 303% compared to 5M17 in amount of 3 tons of gold. This upgrade aligned with the company strategy for market development for both domestic and overseas as well as innovation in Logam Mulia product.


ANTAM’s President Director, Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo said:

“Our positive operational and sales performance growth in 5M18 aligned with our effort to strengthen ANTAM’s financial company structure. In line with the positive trend of commodity prices and demand of ANTAM’s commodity products have also improved, we are ready to take advantage of this condition through the increase of our production and sales performance, as well as maintaining the lower cash cost level.  These endeavours became the foundation of ANTAM’s profitable growth and contributed a positive outcome for shareholders.”


In March 2018, ANTAM received the extension of export recommendation for low grade nickel ore (<1.7%) in amount of 2.7 million wmt and washed bauxite ore in amount of 840 thousand wmt from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) for the period of March 2018 to March 2019.  Furthermore ANTAM also has obtained additional export permit of low grade nickel ore amounting to 1.2 million wmt which acquired on October 2017 and valid until October 2018.


In line with the export recommendation of low grade nickel ore and washed bauxite ore, in 5M18, ANTAM’s total nickel ore production reached up to 3.22 million wmt, rose 162%. Meanwhile the total sales volume of nickel ore reached 1.43 million wmt, a 562% rise compared to 5M17 sales volume of 216 thousand wmt. In addition, bauxite commodity also delivered positive contribution during 5M18 period. The bauxite production volume posted 343 thousand wmt, grew by 97% compared to bauxite production in 5M17. Meanwhile bauxite sales volume in 5M18 reached 138 thousand wmt or increased 94% compared to bauxite sales volume in 5M17. 






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