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ANTAM Participations on Pongkor Geopark Development
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Bogor, December 4, 2018 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) announced that the Company supports the development of Pongkor Geopark in Bogor Regency, West Java. The initiation was translated by the development of Pongkor Underground Mine Museum and Cikaret Tourism Zone (KAWACI) as an integrated part of Pongkor Geopark site, the one of National Geopark site where located in Bogor Regency, West Java. The signing ceremony of the inauguration of Pongkor Geopark as a National Geopark site was conducted by Minister of Tourism, Mr. Arief Yahya in Bogor on November 30, 2018.

ANTAM's Operations Director, Hari Widjajanto said:

"The development of Pongkor Underground Mine Museum and KAWACI tourism zone are reflecting a synergize partnership between the Bogor Regency Local Government and ANTAM to bring positive added value on community development, even though the operation status of Pongkor Mine is active. We hoped the development of Pongkor Geosite will increase public awareness on mining education and tourism as well to support the existence of Pongkor Geopark.”   

The Pongkor Geo-area is one of the four Geo-areas which located on Pongkor Geopark. The other location are Leuwiliang Geo-area, Tenjolaya Geo-area, and Parung Geo-area. The Pongkor Geosite is a part of Pongkor Geo-area where located in Gunung Pongkor which has a unique natural geological characteristic with good educational valued. On this site, the Company underground gold mine are located and still active on operation. The Pongkor gold mine is managed by ANTAM Gold Mining Business Unit.           

On the development of Pongkor Geosite, ANTAM has taken an active role on preparation of supporting program as well site infrastructure development. Together with the Bogor Regency Local Government, ANTAM through Gold Mine Business Unit is actively involved on the “Pongkor Geopark Management Board” and conducting several socialization activities in several villages on Nanggung District, promotional activity to Tourism Community in Bogor and involve in joint promotional activity with the Stakeholder.         

The development of the Underground Mine Museum is also integrating with the Company’s post mining activity program. The purpose of the Mine Museum development is to share the experience of gold mining operation, gold ore processing and other various supporting activity for the education of the public. The ANTAM Gold Mining Business Unit is discovered by the Indonesian lead geologist and operated by the talented and experienced Company’s mine talent. 

The another tourism destination which also built on Pongkor Geopark is Cikaret Tourism Zone (KAWACI) which blessed with a beautiful natural hills scenery and iconic suspension bridge facility. KAWACI also has a potential prospect to be developed as local fruit cultivation demonstration estate, sheep farming and biogas demonstration plots as a practical learning facility on processing of organic waste into energy and biodiversity & ecosystem study.




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