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ANTAM Remain Reached All time High of Ferronickel Production & Sales and Gold Sales
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Jakarta, January 22, 2019 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) is pleased to announce the Company has reached its all time high ferronickel production & sales and gold sales in 2018.

ANTAM's recorded unaudited ferronickel production volume of 24,868 ton of nickel within in ferronickel (TNi), a 14% increase from the 2017 ferronickel production of 21,762 TNi and ANTAM's unaudited ferronickel sales volume amounted to 24,135 TNi, an increase of 10% compared to ferronickel sales volume of 21,878 TNi in 2017. Higher ferronickel production and sales volume is due to optimum and stable ferronickel plant performance in Pomalaa with    annual installed production capacity of 27,000 TNi.

On gold commodity, ANTAM recorded the all time high gold sales volume achievement. ANTAM unaudited gold sales volume amounted to 28,258 kg, a 114% significant increase compared to the 2017 gold sales volume of 13,202 kg, inline with domestic and export market expansion as well as innovation of ANTAM’s LM gold products. Meanwhile, ANTAM unaudited gold production volume remains stable at 1,953 kg.

ANTAM’s President Director, Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo said:

Our all time high ferronickel production & sales and gold sales is a solid foundation to continue expanding ANTAM’s main commodities which are based on nickel, gold and bauxite. In 2019, we believe the Company’s fundamental will be more solid inline with higher operational performance, aggressive cost reduction and innovation initiatives in value creation of main commodities.” 

On nickel ore commodity, ANTAM recorded total unaudited production volume of nickel ore in 2018 amounted to 9.31 million wet metric ton (wmt), an increase of 67% compared to the 2017 production level of 5.57 million wmt. ANTAM recorded total unaudited nickel ore sales volume of 6.29 million wmt, a 114% significant increase compared to the 2017 nickel ore sales volume of 2.93 million wmt.

In 2018, bauxite also brought positive contribution on ANTAM operational performance.  ANTAM recorded bauxite ore unaudited production volume of 1.10 million wmt, an increase of 70% compared to bauxite ore production volume in 2017 of 648 thousand wmt. Meanwhile, bauxite ore sales recorded at 965 thousand wmt, a 15% increase by the 2017 sales of 838 thousand wmt.


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