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INALUM and ANTAM Announce Bauxite Downstream Project into Alumina Product in Mempawah, West Kalimantan
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Mempawah, April 4, 2019 - PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Persero) in cooperation with PT ANTAM Tbk., through their subsidiary, PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia (PT BAI), launched Declaration of the Construction Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery in Bukit Batu Village, Mempawah Regency, West Kalimantan. The declaration was held by the Chairman of The House of Regional Representative (DPD) Oesman Sapta Odang, Minister of State Owned Enterprises Rini M. Soemarno (SOE/BUMN), members of Committee VII of House of Representatives (DPR) Katherine A. Oendoen and Maman Abdurahman, Deputy Governor of West Kalimantan Ria Norsan, Regent of Mempawah Gusti Ramlana, Regional Chief of Police Inspector General Didi Haryono and Military Regional Chief of Staff Brigadier General Alfret Denny D. Tuejeh.

The event also attended by President Director of PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) Budi G. Sadikin, President Director of PT ANTAM Tbk Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo, Interim President Director of PT BAI Bambang Wijanarko and officials of Mempawah and Landak Government.

"The presence of the development of bauxite to alumina processing industry in Mempawah should bring benefits for the economy and welfare of the local community. SOE synergy is needed to build an integrated industrial chain from upstream to downstream. I appreciate this project declaration,” Rini M. Soemarno said.

Indonesia has the sixth biggest bauxite deposit in the world. The project will reduce raw mineral export as well as import dependency for material source of aluminum.

"The development of bauxite processing industry to alumina will also encourage the investment potential in the future, for example in the development of alumina-aluminum based industries and its diversification products that can be used for the welfare of Indonesia as state and local community," said Oesman Sapta Odang.

"The plan for Alumina Refinery Plant is part of effort to implement one of Mining Industries Holding mandate, which is encouraging the downstream of mining products. Later on, INALUM, owner of the only aluminum refinery plant in Indonesia, will obtain alumina supply from domestic sources. INALUM can save up to USD200 million," said Budi G. Sadikin.

Meanwhile, Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo explained that Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery project is a strategic development project for Indonesia. ANTAM, as a company with high resources of bauxite, attempts to create added value of mineral commodities so it able to give more benefit for its shareholders and stakeholders.

Project of the Construction of Alumina Plant managed by PT BAI will be built on 288 acres land in three villages in Mempawah. The initial capacity of Smelter Grade Alumina Processing Project will be 1 million tons per year. The project will be equipped with 3 x 25 MW Coal Power Plant.

The project investment was estimated up to USD850 million (including IDC and Working Capital) and begin to production in the early of 2022.

About Mining Industry Holding

Mining Industry Holding was set up in November 27, 2017 with INALUM as a Parent Holding and PT Aneka Tambang Tbk., PT Bukit Asam Tbk., PT Timah Tbk., and PT Freeport Indonesia as its members. INALUM holds 65 percent shares of PT Aneka Tambang Tbk., 65.02 percent shares of PT Bukit Asam Tbk., 65 percents shares of PT Timah Tbk., and 51.2 percent shares of PT Freeport Indonesia.

Until June 2018, INALUM booked Consolidate Income (audited) to Rp30.1 trillion, up to 59 percent from the previous year. Consolidate EBITDA reached Rp9.2 trillion, grew 92 percent from the previous year. INALUM noted consolidated net income Rp5.3 trillion, increase 174 percent from the previous year.

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