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Antam Presents Latest Corporate Performance During The Public Expose Live 2019
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Antam Present Latest Corporate Performance During
The Public Expose Live 2019

Jakarta, August 23, 2019 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) is pleased to announce that the Company has presented the latest corporate performance, strategy, and outlook during the Public Expose Live 2019. The event was held by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on August 21, 2019.   

ANTAM's President Director, Arie Prabowo Ariotedjo said:

“ANTAM’s participation at the Public Expose Live 2019 is Company’s strategy to present the latest corporate performance, strategy, and outlook to shareholders. We expect the presentation will be referred by the investors and potential investors to invest in ANTAM’s shares. ANTAM committed in completion of downstream minerals development projects to provide positive returns to our shareholders.”

In the first half of 2019 (1H19), ANTAM’s unaudited net sales reached Rp14.43 trillion, grew 22% compared to audited net sales figure in first half of 2018 (1H18) of Rp11.82 trillion. Positive performance of ANTAM’s operations and sales of Company’s main commodity in 1H19, also reflected of unaudited production volume of ferronickel reached 13,017 of nickel contained in ferronickel (TNi), a 2% increase compared to ferronickel production level in 1H18 of 12,811 TNi. Along with the rise on production volume, unaudited ferronickel sales in 1H19 reached of 13,157 TNi, a 5% growth compared 1H18 of 12,579 TNi. In 1H19, ferronickel sales was the second largest contributor to ANTAM’s unaudited net sales, amounting to Rp2.31 trillion or 16% of the unaudited net sales. 

For gold commodity, in 1H19 unaudited production volume of gold from Pongkor and Cibaliung Mine reached 979 kg (31,476 t.oz). Meanwhile, ANTAM’s unaudited gold sales in 1H19 reached 15,741 kg (506,084 t.oz), a 14% increased than gold sales volume in 1H18 which amounted to 13,760 kg (442,394 t.oz). The increased of ANTAM’s gold sales aligned with ANTAM’s strategy on market development for both domestic and overseas market as well as innovation on ANTAM’s Logam Mulia product. Gold as the largest contributor of ANTAM’s revenue, amounting to Rp9.61 trillion or 67% of total 1H19 unaudited net sales. 

For nickel ore commodity, unaudited production volume of nickel ore in 1H19 amounted to 4.79 million wet metric ton (wmt), or increase up to 27% compared to 1H18  of 3.77 million wmt. Meanwhile, unaudited nickel ore sales volume of 3.90 million wmt, increased by 103% compared to nickel ore sales volume in 1H18 of 1.92 million wmt. ANTAM’s unaudited revenue from nickel ore amounted to Rp1.76 trillion in 1H19, a 107% growth compared to nickel ore sales revenue in 1H18 of Rp849 billion.  

In addition, bauxite commodity also delivered positive contribution for ANTAM during 1H19 period. In 1H19, ANTAM unaudited recorded bauxite production of 597 thousand wmt, growth by 43% compared to 1H18 production volume of 417 thousand wmt. Meanwhile unaudited bauxite ore sales during 1H19 reached 611 thousand wmt, growing by 138% compared to 1H18 sales level of 257 thousand wmt. The 1H19 unaudited revenues from the sales of bauxite were recorded at Rp297 billion. Inline with the operational continuity of Tayan Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) Plant, during 1H19 period, as much as 43,631 ton alumina (unaudited) was produced and amounted of 25,674 ton alumina (unaudited) has sold to the customer.

As an implementation of Company's business expansion strategy through mineral downstream processing project, ANTAM currently conducts the construction phase of East Halmahera Ferronickel Plant Development Project (P3FH) with production capacity of 13,500 TNi (Line 1). Until the end of June 2019, the construction progress reached 97% and is planned to be effective in 2020. For bauxite development project, ANTAM is currently focusing on the development of Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery (SGAR) plant with PT INALUM (Persero) as Mining Industrial Holding. SGAR plant will have annual SGA production capacity of 1 million ton SGA per annum (Stage 1).
ANTAM’s positive share performance was reflected from the number of investors trading of ANTAM’s shares. Until July 2019, ANTAM’s total investor reached 52,182 investors, increased by 11% compared to the total investors at the end of 2018 of 47,085 investors. ANTAM’s shares were also actively traded in IDX. Until July 2019, ANTAM closing share price reached Rp935 per share, increased by 22% compared to the closing price at the end of 2018 which amounted to Rp765 per share. In July 2019, the average traded shares reached 98.17 million shares with the average daily trading value of Rp88.53 billion. Moreover, ANTAM’s shares remains part of LQ45 Index, IDX30 Index, IDX80 Index, IDX Small-Mid Cap (SMC) Composite Index, IDX SMC Liquid Index, PEFINDO Investment Grade (i-Grade) Index, Jakarta Islamic Index, Jakarta Islamic Index 70, Kompas100 Index, IDX BUMN20 Index, MNC36 Index and       Bisnis-27 Index which is the list companies with the highest liquidity at the IDX.

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