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ANTAM Promotes CSR Program During Indonesia Fashion Week 2016
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Jakarta, March 14, 2016 - PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk (ASX ATM; IDX – ANTM; ANTAM) is pleased to announce that the company is promoting the works of West Kalimantan’s embroidery during the Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 as part of its CSR program. The program follows similar agenda last year in which a variety of West Kalimantan embroidery is promoted.

ANTAM’s General Affairs and CSR Director, I Made Surata, said:
" We are committed to promoting the Kalimantan embroidery through our CSR program. We believe that Indonesia Fashion Week is a perfect occasion to raise public awareness on Kalimantan embroidery which will enrich both local and international fashion industry. "

The West Kalimantan’s embroidery artists are one of ANTAM’s CSR beneficiaries in West Kalimantan. Following group capacity improvement in 2014-2015, currently there are 15 active embroidery artists being involved in the program, which are accompanied by the senior and renowned embriodery artist, Lita Jonathans.

The promotion of West Kalimantan embroidery is in line with the company’s community development roadmap which is part of the CSR Master Plan 2015-2019, notably for the Economic Improvement and Preservation of Local Culture. The participation in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 reflects ANTAM’s effort to disseminate dan encourage the marketing of the products of ANTAM’s embroidery artists.

Given the huge market potential, both locally and internationally, ANTAM also explores other avenues to widen the market for embroidery. As a start, ANTAM has commenced efforts in partnering with Indonesia’s leading senior and young designers such as Lenny Agustin and Samuel Wattimena.

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