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ANTAM Records Significant Increase of Profitability with Rp65 Billion Audited Net Profit in 2016 Over Rp1.44 Trillion Net Loss in 2015
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Jakarta, March 1, 2017 - PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk (ANTAM; IDX-ANTM; ASX-ATM) is pleased to announce audited consolidated net profit of Rp65 billion for the full year of 2016. ANTAM’s profitability in 2016 rocketed from the Rp1.44 trillion net loss for the same period in 2015. The solid increase of profitability was also reflected from ANTAM’s 2016 operating profit of Rp8.2 billion over Rp701 billion operating loss in 2015. ANTAM’s financial structure remains strong and solid. At the end of 2016, ANTAM had cash and cash equivalents of Rp7.62 trillion. ANTAM’s profitability was also supported by the Company’s efficiency level of Rp48.7 billion or 134% of the internal target of Rp36.4 billion.

ANTAM’s President Director Tedy Badrujaman said,
" Inline with the optimal operations of ANTAM’s ferronickel plants, our ferronickel production and sales reached all time high in 2016 and met strong customers’ demand. The operational performance of ANTAM’s commodities of nickel ore and gold were also on track, hence supporting the Company’s profitability in 2016. Inline with expectation of higher production and sales in 2017, positive outlook of commodity prices as well as completion of downstream projects in the next 1-2 years ahead, ANTAM has a solid future to deliver solid returns to its stakeholders. "

ANTAM targets higher production and sales of its main commodities of ferronickel and gold in 2017. ANTAM targets 24,100 tonnes of nickel contained in ferronickel (TNi) of ferronickel production in 2017. ANTAM’s 2017 ferronickel production target is 19% higher than 2016 ferronickel production of 20,293 TNi. In terms of gold production, ANTAM aims to produce 2,270 kg of gold from its Pongkor and Cibaliung mines. The 2017 gold production target is higher than 2016 gold production of 2,209 kg.

In 2017 ANTAM will continue to focus on its downstream growth projects. Construction of the East Halmahera Ferronickel Plant Development Project is on track. ANTAM is also finalising its next downstream projects to add value to its nickel and bauxite reserves. ANTAM is currently preparing its Line 2 & Line 3 ferronickel plant development projects. ANTAM also continues to add value to its reserves through downstream projects using internal financing or working with strategic partner. For bauxite, ANTAM is currently focusing on the development of Smelter Grade Alumina Refinery (SGAR) plant with PT INALUM (Persero).

In 2016, ANTAM received “The IDX Best Blue 2016” Award from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The award reflected ANTAM’s best growth performance for the past one year period. “The IDX Best Blue 2016” was named after “Blue Chip”, a term which reflected shares with the most liquidity. The criteria used by IDX in the assessment were minimal listing period of one year, the number of shareholders, trading volume, significant growth of stock price and healthy fundamental.

ANTAM share also remained part of the LQ-45 Index. The index lists companies with the highest liquidity at the IDX and market capitalization.

In 2016 ANTAM received “Primaniyarta Award 2016” for Extraordinary Export Performance. The Primaniyarta Award is the highest honor by the Government of Indonesia through the Trade Ministry given to Best Performing Exporting Companies that Succeed in Expanding Exports of Non-Oil and Gas Products. In 2016, ANTAM’s export market contributed 59% of total sales. ANTAM has diversified and long term relationship with its trusted customers. Inline with ANTAM’s strong operational track record, one of the Company’s strengths is solid customer base consisting of leading companies in Asia. Historically, ANTAM’s customer list also includes European companies based in countries with strong automotive industry base. For ferronickel, ANTAM also receives high demand from outside China. In terms of gold, ANTAM is expanding the domestic market as well as assessing new export market to enhance market diversification.

In 2016 ANTAM implemented environmental management innovation on gold tailing use into construction materials called Green Fine Aggregate (GFA). GFA is the residual from gold and silver processing in Pongkor gold mine. ANTAM’s GFA plant processes gold tailing into concrete material using solidification and geopolimerisation methods. The GFA plant produces concrete block, paving block, con block, median strips, light brick, brick press, panel/concrete pole, rigid pavement for roads, u-ditch, v-ditch, concrete tiles, tile, concrete ornaments as well as street medians. The use of GFA benefits in minimising environmental concern as well as providing sustainability of Pongkor area is inline with the post mining plan.


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