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ANTAM’s sustainability lay in the activities of exploration, mining, processing, refining, sales and the post-mining program. Limited mineral deposits available in an area requires ANTAM to continuously conduct exploration activities to sustain its mineral reserves. For that reason, in this Sustainability Report information has been conveyed on gold, nickel and bauxite reserves.

In carrying out mining, processing, refining and sales activities, another key factor for ANTAM’s sustainability is its commitment to manage social, economic and environmental impact. This, among others, includes management of emissions and waste, use of energy, occupational and health safety, community relations, compliance with environmental regulations, and the economic impact on society.

In addition, post-mining activities as a mining company’s exit strategy is also a key factor for sustainability. Towards that end, we have specifically included post-mining programs in the Sustainability Report. During the post-mining phase, ANTAM is committed to reclaiming land and implement strategic community empowerment programs aimed at ensuring the community’s economic self-dependence, and aided by the preservation of its social, cultural and natural resources. In line with government regulations, ANTAM has allocated Post-Mining Guarantee Funds (JPT) to be spent for post-mining activities after operations come to an end.

The greatest risk towards sustainability in 2015 was experienced from economic pressures triggered by weak global economic conditions and the decline in international commodity prices. In addition, the Rupiah’s decline against the Dollar also affected industry performance and the purchasing power of the people, thus affecting ANTAM’s economic performance. In 2015, ANTAM recorded loss of Rp1.44 trillion. After revaluation on land of Rp2.33 trillion ANTAM posted other comprehensive income of Rp913 billion.

ANTAM views that sustainable development will continue to be the main agenda for national and global development. In line with the launch of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in end of 2015, stakeholder concerns towards the Company’s sustainability aspects will continue to increase. For the long term, ANTAM continues to improve sustainability performance of environmental, social and economic aspects from exploration through to post-mining activities as guided by the CSR Master Plan 2015-2019, and integrating a range of SDG Objectives in it.



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