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ANTAM makes its cash by exploring and discovering mineral deposits, extracting them and processing them as economically and correctly as possible and selling them to long term loyal customers in Europe and Asia. ANTAM has been doing this profitably since its inception in 1968 and plans to continuing doing this for many years ahead.

ANTAM’s main products are high grade nickel ore, also known as saprolite, low grade nickel ore, also known as limonite, ferronickel, gold, silver, and bauxite. ANTAM’s main services are precious metal refining and geological services.

Nickel Ore
Nickel Ore
ANTAM's nickel ore si divided into saprolite nickel ore and limonite nickel ore. Limonite nickel ore is low grade nickel laterite ore containing between 0.8% - 1.5% nickel, 25%-35% iron and a trace of cobalt. Limonite rests atop saprolite and is cheaper and easier to mine. Saprolite nickel ore is formed beneath the limonite zone. It contains generally 1.5 - 2.5% nickel and is considered high-grade nickel laterite ore. Using a pyrometallurgical process, saprolite is used as the raw materials for the production of ferronickel.

Ferronickel Shots
One of the main products of ANTAM, it is produced high grade nickel ore using pyrometallurgical technology. ANTAM's ferronickel consist of about 20% nickel and 80% iron. Sold in the form of shots and pellets, either with high or low carbon content, Ferronickel is used as the feed materials for stainless steel production.

Pure Gold Bar

Gold is a bright yellow, dense, soft, shiny, the most malleable and ductile of known metals and highly resistant to oxidative corrosion. Gold is a highly sought-after precious metal which, for many centuries, has been used as money, a store of value and in jewellery. The metal occurs as nuggets or grains in rocks, underground “veins” and in alluvial deposits. Modern industrial uses include dentistry and electronics. ANTAM produces gold from its Pongkor and Cibaliung mines with combined annual output of around 5 tons per year.

Fine Silver Granule
Silver is a soft, bright white, lustrous metal that has long been valued as precious metal used to make ornaments, jewellery, high-value tableware and utensils and currency coins. It has the highest electrical conductivity of any element and the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. It occurs as a pure free metal and alloyed with gold, as well as in various minerals. Most silver is produced as a by-product of gold, copper, lead and zinc mining. ANTAM produces silver as a by product of gold from its Pongkor and Cibaliung mines.

Gold Refining Services
Refining Services
ANTAM's precious metals refinery, Logam Mulia, refines the bullion from ANTAM's Pongkor and Cibaliung gold mines as well as third party producers and has a capacity of 60 tons of internationally accredited gold per year and 275 tons of silver. Gold and Silver of ANTAM's Logam Mulia is accredited by the London Bullion Market Association and is sold both domestically and internationally.

Bauxite is the main source of ore alumunium production. Bauxite contains 30-54% alumina (AI203) and a mixture of silica, various iron oxides, and titanium dioxide. ANTAM plans to augment the value of its bauxite reserves though the development of alumina projects.
ANTAM, through its subsidiary PT Indonesia Coal Resources, produces coal from the Sarolangun coal mine located in Jambi Province, Indonesia. The Non-JORC coal reserves currently stands at 8.25 million tons with the average value of 5,300 until 5,500 Kcal/kg. ANTAM currently sells its coal to the export as well as domestic markets.




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