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The structure of ANTAM’s operation costs is dominated by materials and services costs. As such there is a need for a synergy and cooperation between ANTAM and its partners and suppliers to provide products and services that meet ANTAM’s products quality requirements at the right time, at the right location and at the lowest possible cost to help ANTAM obtains one of its missions to operate efficiently and to maintain its competitiveness in the mining industry.

One of the efforts taken by ANTAM to increase its operational efficiency is by improving its supply chain management (SCM) through the use of information technology.

The e-procurement solution was designed as a tool for ANTAM's Supply Chain Management group to manage its procurements inline with the Director Decision no 13.K/92/DAT/2013.

The e-procurement concept is a SCM process where all processes such as approvals and verifications are conducted electronically and automatically in order to create a transparent communications between all parties involved in the SCM process (such as users, partners and suppliers). It is expected that the e-procurement implementation will create a procurement process of goods and services that is fair and transparent.

PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk hopes the full cooperation and supports from all of its suppliers of goods and services to always follow the stated stipulations and to compete fairly and not to conduct speculative transactions in this e-procurement facility.

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