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The biggest risk faced by mining business practitioners, including ANTAM is the potential threat of environmental damage which could disturb ecosystem around mining site. This reality is acknowledged by Company to run the mining operations at all of ANTAM business units in accordance with proper standard of practice and existing regulations since the stage of planning until post-mining.

ANTAM's environmental policy includes:

  1. Developing and applying an environmental management system referring to applicable laws and standards.
  2. Striving for the implementation of system, methods, tools, material with minimum negative impact on environment in every mining operation.
  3. Utilizing natural resources optimally for conservation and waste minimizing.
  4. Owning, implementing and complying with regulations of environmental document in every operational activities.
  5. Preventing and minimizing environmental pollution.
  6. Minimizing disturbed land and rehabilitating the land according to its use including conservation and preservation of flora and fauna within the area.
  7. Owning emergency response procedures for activities with potential to cause environmental accident.
  8. Owning mine closure planning at every mining activities on operational/production phases.
  9. Making evaluation to improve environmental performance in sustainable manner.

Every operational step out in the field is conducted with attention to applicable rules and regulations, such as Law No. 32/2009 on the Protection and Management of the Environment and other legislation. In addition, ANTAM also implements good mining practices from the planning stage through exploration, mining, rehabilitation of the mine area and post mining.

As of 2014, ANTAM had 6 post mining activities, which are: Iron sand post mining in Cilacap, Central Java; Bauxite post mining in Kijang, Riau Islands; Nickel post mining on Gebe Island, North Maluku; Iron sand post mining in Kutoarjo, Central Java; Gold post mining in Cikotok, Banten; Limestone post mining in Wawo, Southeast Sulawesi.

During 2014, ANTAM completed management policies on environmental management and mine closures. The firm also established performance standards for caring for the environment, such as compliance with waste quality standards in all operating units and post-mining and received GREEN PROPER rating for Gold Mining Business Unit , BLUE PROPER rating for Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit, North Maluku Nickel Mining Business Unit and Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit.

In 2014, ANTAM received award at the 2014 Indonesia Green Company & SRI KEHATI AWARD as Constituent of SR Investment (SRI)-KEHATI INDEX which refers to the procedures for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI). Since 2009, the KEHATI Foundation together with the Indonesia Stock Exchange selects Indonesian public companies to be included in the index. ANTAM has been part of the SRI KEHATI Index since the index creation.

To get a more complete picture of our Environmental Management Performance, please see the section within our Sustainability Report .

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