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Our commitment to ensure our products meet customer specifications and on-time deliveries have resulted in ANTAM having several long-term business relationships with well-established customers in Asia dan Europe. ANTAM actively upholds a diversified geographical mix of customers and seeks new customers to expand its marketing base.

ANTAM’s sales volumes are generally a function of its production volumes. Almost all of ANTAM’s products are exported, except for some gold and silver, and 99% of sales are denominated or based on the US dollar. ANTAM’s major customers are all reliable top quality international firms and are spread around Europe and Asia. To assist with customer relations, ANTAM has a representative office in Japan to serve Northeast Asia. ANTAM prefers to negotiate long term contracts for its products, with fixed volumes and pricing based on the spot price. ANTAM’s contracts ranged from one to ten years in duration. As most of ANTAM’s products are commodities, there is little to differentiate from competitors. ANTAM attempts to set itself apart by delivering a high quality product consistently on time.

Ferronickel is mostly exported with longterm contracts to consumers in Europe and Asia, including Thyssen Krupp (www.thyssenkrupp.com), Arcelor Mittal (www.arcelormittal.com), Pohang Iron & Steel Co (Posco) (www.posco.co.kr) and Mitsubishi Corporation (www.mitsubishicorp.com/jp/en/index.html). High grade nickel ore is exported to Pacific Metals Co., Sumitomo Metals Mining Co. Ltd. (www.smm.co.jp/E/) and Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co. Ltd. (www.nyk.co.jp/en/) Low grade nickel ore is exported to Japan’s Nippon Yakin Kogyo Co. Ltd and China’s Minsources International.

ANTAM’s gold division sells its gold and silver products to both domestic and international buyers. Washed bauxite ores are exported to Japanese customers such as Showa Denko K.K. (www.sdk.co.jp/english/) and to China.

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