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As a business entity which strives for sustainability, ANTAM realizes that energy is an aspect that should be noted and its uses should be saved, by applying energy conservation and utilizing renewable alternative energy.

ANTAM’s efforts to reduce energy consumption with the following strategies:

  1. The use of renewable energy through reclaim heat exchanger at elution process cycle to reabsorb heat from elution product to heat new solution
  2. Switch operating hours of crushing and backfill from Peak Load Hours (WBP) to Usage Off Peak Load Hours (LWBP) for an average of 5 days per month and implement Energy Management System
  3. Change fresh water pumping system of Mine WWTP from originally 2 units to 1 unit that has been modified from capacity of 48 m3/h to 90 m3/h
  4. Modification of pipeline into a gravity system that eliminates use of 3 x 15 KW pumps at GCC unit
  5. Installing a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for using pump and fan
  6. Installing a bank capacitor to improve electricity quality and increase the power factor
  7. Modernizing the silver refining system with high speed silver electrolysis and direct reduction in silver sponge smelting
  8. Replacing TL light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs
  9. Reducing the use of diesel fuel in operational vehicles
  10. Disseminating a campaign on Saving Energy within ANTAM
  11. Regulating Operational Patterns
  12. Savings from the use of diesel fuel in generator
  13. Use of solar energy for street lighting
  14. Car free day within the offices of UBPN Malut
  15. Use of sludge MFO as a substitute fuel
  16. Modifying the purification process of dore bullion contract of work previously done in the gold refining process, then partially transferred to the process of refining silver at UBPP LM
  17. Conversion of gas furnace into induction furnace in the smelting process of slime au to reduce energy consumption at UBPP LM
  18. Direct smelting sponge can be used as anode of silver to reduce energy consumption at UBPP LM

Information on Direct and Indirect Energy Used in 2015 can be seen here.

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