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During 2012, ANTAM, continued development and expansion of Biodiversity Conservation Center (PKKH) in Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS). The TNGHS was selected as the PKKH area because it is in the area of UBP Emas, which is located in Bogor Regency, West Java.

The development and expansion of PKKH are conducted by ANTAM in collaboration with the Sustainable Management Group (SMG) and TNGHS. The program is intended to minimize the impact of mining operations on local habitats and biodiversity, as well as ANTAM's initiative to help build bioregional resilience in Indonesia.

PKKH Program in 2014 managed to Planning and guiding the carrying capacity in the vicinity of TNGHS, Reclaiming open land by planting 21,000 Rasamala, Puspa and Huru trees around the operational area, Enriching the native plant species within TNGHS by planting 187,000 Rasamala, Puspa and Huru trees.

By the end of 2014, ANTAM has planted 903,267 trees covering the area 4,850 hectares of land. Tree planting is useful for land restoration as well as to potentially absorb carbon dioxide which is categorized as greenhouse gas emissions.

Total area protected by ANTAM from potential disturbance to biodiversity covers all 30,090 Ha of areas within IUP. Some mining areas are within the area of protected forests, such as Gebe Island and Pakal Island within the working area of UBPN Malut.

Pakal Island is in its mining stage and Gee Island is under the process of reclamation. The rehabilitated sites or are located in Tanjung Buli, Gee Island, Pakal Island and Mornopo. UBPN Malut in its rehabilitation implementation involved stakeholders such as the rural community/local youth clubs, academics and universities.

Information on Endangered and Protected Species as well as Trees Planting for Land Rehabilitation can be seen here.

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