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Biodiversity conservation efforts are conducted in a strategic manner and in accordance with applicable regulations. Provisions on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), RKL (Environmental Management Plan), Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL), RKL (Environmental Management Plan), and Mine Closure Plan RPT are adhered to consistently.

One of issues related to biodiversity in UBP Emas is the presence of illegal miners (PETI) having an adverse impact to the environment. As part of its commitment to preserve biodiversity, ANTAM approached the illegal miners and undertook a variety of initiatives through community empowerment to prevent unlicensed mines from damaging the environment and disciplinary actions in collaboration with the authorities. Some of the initiatives are encouraging illegal miners to seek other means of livelihood such as the etawa goat husbandry and the cultivation of bananas.

Further, operations in UBPN Malut do not have significant impact on biodiversity. Through the progressive rehabilitation system, biodiversity in protected forests is restored, such as the replanting of local plant species in accordance with provisions of the Forestry Minister regulation. Additionally, UBPN Malut also uses natural levee that serves as a barrier of water runoff that is placed around the opening area of the mine so as not to pollute water bodies and damaging biodiversity.

ANTAM’s strong commitment to the conservation of biological diversity can also be seen in UBP Emas. ANTAM has developed and constructed a Biodiversity Conservation Center (PKKH), namely the Center for Research and Education on Native Trees and Plants (P4TA), in collaboration with Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS) and PT Bangun Rimbawan Lestari (Sustainable Management Group). Other conservation programs undertaken include protection and reintroduction of endangered animals, plant nursery, and restoration of areas affected by erosion in TNGHS.

As part of the conservation efforts, ANTAM also conducts programs that are in line with the Mine Closure Plan (RPT). The programs are intended to become part of the Conservation Area Tourism according to the “Agrogeoedutourism” concept in TNGHS.

Other activities we have conducted to improve biodiversity are reclamation and revegetation. This is done through nurseries and tree planting in many areas, not only in former mining areas but also outside of mined land in UBP Emas, UBPN Sultra and UBPN Malut, as well as locations in the operational areas of the Company. Trees planted in 2015 totaled 706,534 or a decrease from 2014 totaling 903,297 trees.

Until the end of 2015, total used land areas is 5,748 Ha. On the other hand, reclaimed land totaled 4,911 Ha and so the percentage of reclaimed land against cleared land is 85%.

Information on Endangered and Protected Species as well as Trees Planting for Land Rehabilitation can be seen here.

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