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Anyone within the organization who has privileged relationship to the Company should not trade the Company's securities based on undisclosed material information or facts. Hence, the Company has set out the Company Securities Trading Policy based on the Board of Directors Decree No. 243.K/02/DAT/2013 which published solely in internal portal.

The policy is intended to avoid the conflict of interest as well as to govern the company securities trading, specifically that everyone should not trade the company's securities while having information or material facts that is not/has not been published, dissemination of information or material facts selectively as well as the tipping related to the information or material facts that is not/has not been published. This policy governs the provision of company’s securities trading monitoring responsibility, activities that are prohibited, closing period, securities trading by member of BOD and or BOC, implementation of securities trading restriction and penalty for violations.

Anyone within the Company refers to:

  1. Commissioners, Directors, or employees;
  2. Major shareholders;
  3. Individuals with positions or professions or relationship to the Company have access to inside information; or
  4. Anyone within the last 6 (six) months has no longer as part of number a, b and c above.

Supervisory officials of Company's Securities Trading Obedience is Corporate Secretary, and in the case of Corporate Secretary is unavailable or absence, Investor Relations Officer is in charge to fulfill that role.

Throughout 2016, there are no stock trading violations committed by the Company.

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