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ANTAM's Board of Commissioners has established Audit Committee in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations. With the intention of performing efficiently and effectively the Audit Committee is governed through the Audit Committee Charter which was updated most recently by the Board of Commissioners on July 29, 2016 and had been published on ANTAM 's website ( Such charter includes membership structures, membership, qualification of membership including their competence and independency requirement, duty, responsibility and authority.

The Audit Committee has the assignment and responsibility to provide professional and independent opinion to the Board of Commissioners toward reports or other matters forwarded by the Board of Directors to the Board of the Commissioners, and executing other duties related to the task of the Board of Commissioners. The assignments of the Audit Committee as stipulated of the Audit Committee Charter are Review of Financial Information, Selection, Appointment, and Supervision of the Work of Independent Auditors, Evaluation on the Effectiveness of the Implementation of the Internal Audit Function, Oversight on the Effectiveness of Internal Control, Compliance on Laws and Regulations, Risk Reporting and Implementation of Risk Management, Conduct Self-Assessment on the Implementation of Duties of the Audit Committee and Performing Special Duties.

Based on the Board of Commissioners Decree No.9/DK/SK/V/2017 dated May 16, 2017 on the Appointment of the Audit Committee of PT ANTAM (Persero) Tbk, members of ANTAM's Audit Committee are:


Prof. Dr. der Soz. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri

Appointed as Independent Commissioner since May 2, 2017 based on the resolutions of the Company’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.

He received Bachelor degree from the Socio-Politics Faculty of the University of Indonesia in 1989 and Doctor of Sociology from Bielefeld University, Germany in 1995. He previously held several key positions in University of Indonesia with the last position as a lecturer in the University of Indonesia.

Vice Chairman

Zaelani, S.E.
Vice Chairman

Was appointed as Commissioner on May 31, 2012.

Received a Bachelor’s Degree from the Economic Faculty of the Universitas of Airlangga in 1984 and was an alumnus of the National Resilience Institute (LEMHANAS) in 2009. Currently, he is Main Secretary of the State Intelligence Agency (Since 2014).


Drs. Mursyid Amal, MM

(May 1, 2014-April 30, 2018)

Place/Date of Birth: Tobelo, November 14, 1948. Appointed as a member of the Audit Committee in 2008, the next member of the Risk Management Committee on August 1, 2012. Then, as a member of the Audit Committee since May 1, 2014. Graduated with an Economics Degree from University of Islam Bandung in 1986 and received a Master’s Degree from School of Management Bandung (STMB) in 1996. Previously was Director of Finance of PT Telkom (Persero) Tbk.


Dr. Ir. Rukmana Nugraha Adhi, DEA

(May 1, 2014-April 30, 2018)

Place/Date of Birth: Sumedang, March 4, 1951. Joined as a Member of Audit Committee of ANTAM since August 1, 2012. Previously, he was a member of the Risk Management Committee. He graduated with a Mining Engineering Degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 1978. He received a DEA Master’s degree (1984) and Doctor Ingenieur Doctoral degree (1986) from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris, France. Work experience as a Head of Section, and Head of Sub Directorate of Mineral Resources in the Directorate General of Geology and Mineral Resources, DESDM. Currently working as a lecturer at the College of Technology Minerals Indonesia, Bandung since 1988 and at the Polytechnic of Geology and Mining “AGP” Bandung since 2005 and Institute of Science & technology Bandung since 2015.

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