Antam Supports "Ciliwung Cleaning" Activities

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Jakarta, June 25, 2019 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) announce that in order to commemorated World Environment Day of 2019, the Company contribute in  Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI) breaking record. As much as 8,305 people participated in simultaneous waste cleaning activities at 36 locations in 33 subdistricts along 39.6 kilometres Ciliwung watershed from upstream to downstream.  The “Ciliwung Cleaning” activity was held by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry on June 23, 2019.

ANTAM's Director of Operation and Production, Hartono, said:
"ANTAM supports environmental conservation activities in Ciliwung watershed as of implementation of the Company's concern to supporting environmental conservation. ANTAM is committed and active in realizing innovation in the environmental field, especially in the Company's operational areas.”

ANTAM participate in this event through Gold Mining Business Unit and Processing and  Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit. In this activity, ANTAM had the opportunity to participate in watershed cleaning in Cisarua District, Bogor Regency.

In addition to supporting the "Ciliwung Cleaning" activities, ANTAM through Gold Mining Business Unit and Processing and Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit previously participated in the initiation of the Ciliwung Srengseh Sawah Ecoriparian and Teluk Jambe Citarum Ecoriparian in 2017 and early 2019.

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