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ANTAM’s Precious Metal Refinery, Logam Mulia, refines the dore bullion from Pongkor and Cibaliung into fine gold as well as fine silver as the by-product of the refinery process. Logam Mulia’s fine gold and fine silver products are in accordance with international standard purity of 999.9 of gold and 999.5 of silver respectively and are certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

ANTAM's precious metal refinery, Logam Mulia has the capacity to produce 60 ton (1.9 million toz) of internationally accredited gold per year and 250 ton (8 million toz) of internationally accredited silver per year. Besides refining ANTAM's own dore bullion from Pongkor and Cibaliung, Logam mulia also provides refining services to third parties, which contribute to more than half of Logam Mulia's income. For further information on ANTAM's precious metal refinery, please visit Logam Mulia's website.

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