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ANTAM is a mining company which processes a number of minerals as well as operating other businesses including trade and industry, transportation and other services related with the mining sector. Incorporated in 1968, ANTAM was a merger of several state-owned mining companies and projects, namely the general mining company, the bauxite mining company, the Tjikotok gold mining company, the precious metal company, PT Nickel Indonesia, diamond project and other projects under the Bapetamb.

ANTAM is a mining company, which has diversified commodities with vertically integrated operations. The operational areas cover all over Indonesia, which is rich with minerals. The activity of the Company includes exploration, mining, processing, refining and marketing of minerals from its reserves and resources. The commodities produced by Company include ferronickel, high and low grade nickel ore, gold, silver, bauxite, and coal. In addition, the Company offers precious metal processing and refinery services as well as running exploration unit to improve mineral reserves and resources and to find new reserves. ANTAM has four main business units including the Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit, North Maluku Nickel Mining Business Unit, Pongkor Gold Mining Business Unit and Logam Mulia Precious Metals Processing and Refinery Business Unit. The Company also has Geomin Unit to support exploration activities.

ANTAM currently has twelve subsidiaries with both direct and indirect ownership, one jointly controlled entity and three sub-subsidiaries. ANTAM’s direct ownership includes 99.98% ownership of PT ANTAM Resourcindo, an exploration and mining operator company, 80% ownership of PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina which is an alumina industry and general mining contractor services company. PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina currently develops the Tayan Chemical Grade Alumina project. ANTAM also owns 99.15% of PT Cibaliung Sumberdaya which operates the Cibaliung gold mine, 99.98% of PT Indonesia Coal Resources which operates the Sarolangun coal mine, 100% of an investment company, Asia Pacific Nickel Pty. Ltd. (APN), 99.5% each of PT Borneo Edo International and PT Mega Citra Utama, which hold bauxite mining concessions, 99.5% of PT Abuki Jaya Stainless Indonesia which is a stainless steel manufacturing company and 100% of PT Dwimitra Enggang Khatulistiwa which holds a bauxite mining concession. ANTAM also owns a 100% indirect ownership of PT Gag Nikel through APN. ANTAM holds 50% ownership of PT FeNi Haltim which develops the East Halmahera Ferronickel project, in which the remaining 50% of PT FeNi Haltim is owned by ANTAM's subsidiary, PT International Mineral Capital. ANTAM also owns three sub-subsidiaries. PT Borneo Edo International Agro is a subsidiary of PT Mega Citra Utama and develops palm oil plantation. PT Citra Tobindo Sukses Perkasa, a coal mining exploration and operator company, is a subsidiary of PT Indonesia Coal Resources. PT Gunung Kendaik, which is a subsidiary of PT Mega Citra Utama, holds mining licenses of bauxite deposit. PT Indonesia Chemical Alumina is ANTAM's jointly controlled entity and currently develops the Tayan Chemical Grade Alumina project.

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