Indirect Economic Impacts

ANTAM's presence is expected to continue to bring both direct and indirect benefits to local communities--especially to those who live within the perimeter of the Company’s operating areas. An example of ANTAM’s contributions to the local economy would be the utilization of local, with community development activity. Improving community welfare, particularly in the vicinity of the Company’s operations, also impacts positively on regional revenue (PAD) through increased regional economic activity.

The ANTAM’s flagship community development activity can be found here .

Performance on community relations as indicated through the Community Satisfaction Index denotes a figure of 78.22% (satisfactory). This value suggests that the people are satisfied with the social management including a series of CSR programs implemented by ANTAM. Satisfaction of the people is of course related to ANTAM’s commitment of undertaking community empowerment programs, especially for those living around the operational areas in improving the quality of life and to develop existing potential.

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