ANTAM actively carries out community development (comdev) program based on the area situation. The program is planned in detail for every fiscal year and the outline is stated in Corporate Work Plan and Budget in the beginning of every year. All community development activities are aimed at creating an independent community in the long term, through development of local economy, health program, and education.

ANTAM also maintains good relations with a number of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) who have the role as controlling function as well as liaison between the Company, government and community with direct observation to the community’s condition. ANTAM also collaborates with academicians as experts in providing opinions and advice for the social responsibility program which are suitable for the communities’ needs.

Performance on community relations as indicated through the Community Satisfaction Index denotes a figure of 78.22% (satisfactory). This value suggests that the people are satisfied with the social management including a series of CSR programs implemented by ANTAM. Satisfaction of the people is of course related to ANTAM’s commitment of undertaking community empowerment programs, especially for those living around the operational areas in improving the quality of life and to develop existing potential.

For more information on ANTAM's community development implementation, please see here.

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