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ANTAM's General Meeting of Shareholders (GMOS) is an organ of the Company which facilitates shareholders to make important decisions regarding their investment in ANTAM, by observing the Articles of Association as well as prevailing laws and regulations. The GMOS and/or shareholders cannot interfere in the exercise of the duty, function, and authority of the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors. Shareholders’ rights and its use is protected in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations and the Articles of Association. Decisions that are made in the GMOS must be conducted properly and transparently by considering matters necessary to safeguard the long-term interest, including but not limited to the appointment of Commissioners and Directors, approval on report submitted by the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors, appointment of external auditors, and the appropriation of remuneration and dividends.

In the GMOS, shareholders are entitled to obtain information about the Company from the Board of Commissioners and/or the Board of Directors, to the extent that it is related to the agenda of meeting and does not contradict with the Company’s interest. Shareholders, individually or represented based on proxy, are entitled to attend the GMOS and use its voting rights in accordance with its shareholding.

To find out more on the agenda and the resolutions of the GMOS, please click the associated year of interest.

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