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ANTAM is committed to carry out the implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Governance in accordance with GCG principles. Implementation of ICT Governance in the company has started in 2011.The preparation of the strategy development of ICT in ANTAM refers to the Minister of SOEs No. PE-02/ MBU/2013 concerning the management of information technology guidelines in SOE.

To support the implementation, ANTAM has devised a policy that became the foundation for all processes in domain management Governance of Information, Communication and Technology. ANTAM has ICT Strategic Policy by the Board of Directors Decree No. 309.K/0941/DAT/2015 and Operational Policies of ICT by Board of Directors decree No. 310.K/0941/2015 dated December 15, 2015 as the renewal of (eight) policies published on 2013. ICT strategic policy include, among others: the determination of the role of ICT in Company, ICT planning, process and organizational framework of ICT, ICT investment management, ICT resource management, risk management of ICT, ICT project management, and addressing the needs and identify solutions. Coverage of ICT operational policy, among other: the management of ICT services, ICT Security Management, management service to Third Party, operational management of ICT, quality management, knowledge transfer of ICT, data management monitors of ICT and performance evaluation of ICT, monitoring and evaluation of internal control and management of compliance and external regulation.

In order to ensure that ICT Governance in the Company has been implemented properly and to ensure alignment and coordination between the business side (ICT users) and managers (ICT Division), the Company formed a Steering Committee ICT (KPICT) or ICT Steering Committee consisting of the BOD, Head of Division/Unit/Business Unit and Head of ICT ANTAM.
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