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Economic Responsibility

ANTAM received substantial economic performance in 2018. ANTAM’s managed to record highest ferronickel sales in the Company’s history followed by other product sales. ANTAM provides various commodity delivery methods options and also expanded sales penetration to Europe.

In 2018, ANTAM achieved significant sales increase which ultimately boosted the Company’s revenue. This substantial economic performance was the result of various Company’s policies, as well as Government policies that all focusing on the effectiveness and efficiency improvement of Our operational activities.

Throughout 2018, ANTAM has again successfully recorded the highest production and sales volumes of ferronickel products. Also, in 2018, the Company succeeded in achieving the highest gold sales in the history of the Company. Our bauxite and alumina operations also recorded positive contributions to the Company’s revenue growth with increased production and sales volumes of washed bauxite ore and the operation re-establishment of the Company’s Tayan Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) plant. Our sales of nickel ore which grew significantly compared to 2017 have also generated a positive contribution to the Company’s growth this year.

As a part of State-Owned company, ANTAM is committed to providing great benefits for the government, towards our operational activities. One of ANTAM’s contribution to Indonesia is our support towards for state revenue through Non-Tax State Revenues (PNPB), taxes and dividends. In 2018, ANTAM’s contribution was amounted to Rp1,482.76 billion in PNBP, taxes and royalties to the Negara, 182.73% higher compared to last year’s contribution of Rp811.47 billion.

As a natural resources based company, ANTAM ensures to always strive the best to provide economic and social benefits to all stakeholders, for the regional and central government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local society from Our operational areas. In the Company’s sustainability strategy, Our mission is to improve local community welfare and autonomy, especially those in the surrounding of ANTAM’s operational areas. We are also committed to providing direct and indirect assistance to stakeholders, as well as preparing regional independence by preparing post-mining areas into productive land. Therefore, in the future when ANTAM have to close Our activities in that region, the local society and regional’s economy would be able to be sustainable grow.

The complete report related to ANTAM's sustainable economic benefit may catch under following link.


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