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Baseline to The Biodiversity of Laet Lake

Baseline to The Biodiversity of Laet Lake

PT ANTAM Tbk West Kalimantan Bauxite Mining Business Unit (ANTAM West Kalimantan Bauxite Mining Business Unit) is fully aware of the risks and impacts caused by the Company's production activities on the environment and the surrounding biodiversity. ANTAM West Kalimantan Bauxite Mining Business Unit is highly committed to environmental management as one of the manifestations of corporate responsibility related to the environment and biodiversity protection. This commitment was stated in the determination of conservation areas and area management conducted to maintain and preserve the biodiversity in the operation area. In carrying out the Company's commitment to biodiversity protection, ANTAM West Kalimantan Bauxite Mining Business Unit conducted a monitoring and evaluation study of biodiversity in the area designated to be the Company's conservation area, namely Laet Lake Tourism Area.

Laet Lake has an area of ± 800 ha, and there are 12 islands in the area. Laet Lake is a type of Riparian Lake in which the water conditions are influenced by the tides of the nearby water, which is Kapuas River. The preserved area of Laet Lake is able to protect the wealth of natural ecosystems and maintain ecological processes as well as ecosystem balance on an ongoing basis. In addition to becoming a tourist and recreational place, Laet Lake also stores biodiversity with the findings of the inventory of species of flora, mammals, birds, herpetofauna, insects, and aquatic biota.

There are two terrestrial forest ecosystems in the Laet Lake Tourism Area, and they are homogeneous forest ecosystems and heterogeneous forest ecosystems. The dominant types of flora are Tembesu (Fagraea fragrans) and Rubber (Hevea Brasiliiensis) species. The average estimates of biomass and carbon stock in heterogeneous forests (tourist areas) were 15.98 tons/Ha (biomass) and 7.51 tons C/Ha (carbon stock). The average estimates of biomass and carbon stock in homogeneous forests were, respectively, 34.14 tons/Ha (biomass) and 16.04 tons C/Ha (carbon stock). The fauna found consisted of mammals from 2 families, 17 bird species from 16 families, 12 herpetofauna species from 7 families, and 17 insects from 7 families. An endemic species of Borneo tree lizard (Dasia vitatta) was found, and there are also protected bird species, namely Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) and Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica). It shows that the Laet Lake area is able to become a place to shelter, breed, and have feed availability for various types of animals. The characteristics of Laet Lake as a seasonal lake also affect the aquatic organism on it. Laet Lake also stores diverse fish species, totaling 120 species. There are six types of fish exhibited in the aquarium which become an educational medium for visitors of the lake, including Betutu Fish (Oxyeleotris marmorata), Piyang Fish (Channa marulioides), Lais Fish (Kryptopterus macrocephalus), Tapah Fish (Wallago leerii), Baung Fish (Hemibagrus mierus) and Ulanguli Fish (Chromobotia macracanthus).


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