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CSR Activities

Mangrove Conservation With Ex-Situ Method


In terms of preventing air quality declining, PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia has provided a reforestation land specially planted with various types of plants, functioning for ecological or aesthetics purposes as of 3,000 m2, including pool area of 1,661 m2 working as a rainwater catchment area.

To develop and restore characteristics of pool function, increase rare plant population in Indonesia, especially in the area of PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia, improve CO2 absorption from the production results, and increase positive impacts with the emergence of new flora and fauna, PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia conducts pool conservation by planting mangrove with inviting surrounding society and managed residents to take role.

PT ANTAM Tbk of UBPP Logam Mulia has committed to performing a sustainable biological diversity program by conserving mangroves with ex-site method in the shared internal pool with the local community and managed residents.


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