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Environmental Responsibility

The biggest risk faced by mining business practitioners, including ANTAM is the potential threat of environmental damage which could disturb ecosystem around mining site. This reality is acknowledged by Company to run the mining operations at all of ANTAM business units in accordance with proper standard of practice and existing regulations since the stage of planning until post-mining.

ANTAM's environmental policy includes:

  1. Develop and implement an environmental management system based on company regulations as well as applicable legislation.
  2. Promote the use of system, technology, method, equipment, and materials that have minimal negative impact on the environment in any mining activities.
  3. Increase the professionalism of human resources in environmental management.
  4. Minimize the size of disturbed areas and rehabilitate in accordance with the designated use including protection for the flora and fauna in it.
  5. Optimal use of natural resources towards conservation and waste minimization.
  6. Prevention and control of the impacts of environmental pollution.
  7. Support the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by using productive and innovative methods during mining activities.
  8. Support the efforts of sustainable development and to consider the needs of communities around mining operations.
  9. Evaluation towards improving environmental performance in a sustainable manner.

Every operational step out in the field is conducted with attention to applicable rules and regulations, such as Law No. 32/2009 on the Protection and Management of the Environment and other legislation. In addition, ANTAM also implements good mining practices from the planning stage through exploration, mining, rehabilitation of the mine area and post mining.

Post-mining activities are planned and undertaken to address social and environmental impacts caused by the termination of operations. Post-mining activities must be adjusted to the characteristics and needs of the respective region. Moreover, the process of land rehabilitation must also be carried out to restore the biodiversity in post-mining area.

ANTAM is highly committed to implement good environmental governance in mining and mineral processing. The company believe that operational activities followed with environmental risks, thus ANTAM strives to meet applicable environmental quality standards and also create environmental innovation.

The implementation of the environmental impact management in all areas of ANTAM is guided by the Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) document, Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL), and Environmental Management Plan (RKL) and agreed Post-Mining Plan (RPT).

The ANTAM’s PROPER Assessment can be found here.

To get a more complete picture of our Environmental Management Performance, please see the section within our Sustainability Report.

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