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Besides energy, water is also a significant aspect of ANTAM’s operation. In the operational process, ANTAM uses water that originates from surface water, groundwater, sediment pond water, and wastewater recycling. Specifically, recycled wastewater is reused for the production process. This policy aims to reduce the surface and new water consumption.

ANTAM continually committed to managing water considerably and attempting to lower environmental impact as well as ensuring clean water supply for the surrounding community. The Company has also carried out water management through good mining principles and comply with regulations. ANTAM has gained the Groundwater Business Permit and Water Usage Permit in the business unit.

One of ANTAM’s commitment to lower water consumption conduct by Gold Mining Business Unit. In Gold Mining Business Unit, the Company committed to lowering water consumption by 5% and reducing water burden pollution by 5% every year. We also maintain water quality through internal targets of CN<0.375 ppm; TSS<70 ppm; 6<pH<9, which are below the Environmental Quality Standards set by the Environment Agency. The water treatment plant technology is likewise to reduce the new water soil consumption by 5% annually.

For further information of ANTAM's water management may catch under following link.

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