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ANTAM Records Solid Growth On the Unaudited Production and Sales Performance During 2019

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ANTAM Records Solid Growth On the Unaudited Production and Sales Performance During 2019

In 2019, ANTAM Records Unaudited Ferronickel Production of 25,713 Ton Nickel Within Ferronickel (TNi), a 3% Higher Compared to 2018 Ferronickel Production Level. Meanwhile Ferronickel Unaudited Sales Meets at 26,349 TNi, Grow by 9% Year over Year (YoY)

Throughout 2019, ANTAM Marked the Highest Gold Sales Performance with a Sales Figure of 34 Ton of Gold Metal (Unaudited), Rose by 22% YoY

ANTAM Records Highest Performance of Unaudited Bauxite Production and Sales Volume of 1.73 Million Wet Metric Ton (wmt) and 1.66 Million wmt Respectively in 2019     


Jakarta, February 14, 2020 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) announce the solid unaudited production and sales performance of the Company’s main commodities production and sales figure in 2019. The positive growth of ANTAM’s unaudited production and sales performance in 2019 is reflecting Company’s commitment on strengthening its financial structure as well as elevating Company’s business scale.     

During 2019, ANTAM achieves unaudited ferronickel production volume of 25,713 TNi, an increased by 3% YoY. In line with the positive tone of production level, the 2019 unaudited ferronickel sales figure reached 26,349 TNi, rose by 9% YoY. Upon the 2019, the ANTAM’s unaudited ferronickel production and sales volume performance marked the all-time high achievement.

On gold metal commodity, throughout 2019, ANTAM records the highest gold sales performance with an unaudited sales volume of 34 ton of gold, 22% increase YoY. Meanwhile on the production side, ANTAM was producing (unaudited) as much of 1.96 ton of gold metal during 2019. 

In 2019, Nickel ore commodity posted a positive contribution for ANTAM’s revenue. Total unaudited nickel ore production volume reached 8.70 million wet metric ton (wmt), with total sales volume (unaudited) amounted to 7.56 million wmt, an increase of 19% YoY.

Meanwhile, the Company’s bauxite and alumina segment was also bringing a positive catalyst on ANTAM’s unaudited operation performance during 2019. ANTAM’s recorded the highest achievement on both bauxite production and sales (unaudited) figure with a production and sales level of 1.73 million wmt and 1.66 million wmt. The unaudited bauxite production and sales volume increase up to 57% YoY and 80% YoY respectively.

In line with ANTAM’s commitment to optimize the operation of Chemical Grade Alumina (CGA) plant in Tayan, West Kalimantan, during 2019, The Tayan CGA Plant as much as a 104 thousand ton of alumina (unaudited) was produced, with unaudited sales level of 70 thousand ton of alumina. The unaudited CGA production and sales level was growing significantly in 2019 if compared with the 2018 CGA production and sales volume of 13 thousand ton and 8 thousand ton of alumina.