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For ANTAM, maintaining biodiversity is not only important for the balance of the ecosystem and the success of restoration activities in our area, but more than that. Well-preserved biodiversity is an invaluable inheritance for future generations. Therefore, ANTAM is committed to making efforts to preserve biodiversity, especially for the habitat of ecosystems and flora-fauna that are around the operational area.

A number of ANTAM’s operating areas are inside or close to protected areas. For example Gold Mining Business Unit, where some of its areas are in Other Use Areas (APL) and protected forests adjacent to the Gunung Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS). In addition, ANTAM’s operations at North Maluku Nickel Mining Business Unit’s open pit mining method are in protected forest areas on Gee and Pakal Islands, as well as Mornopo 1A and 2 blocks with an area of 789.95 ha.

ANTAM always ensures compliance with applicable regulations, including the Forest Area Borrow Use Permit for operations at the protected forest areas. In particular, ANTAM’s operations at Gold Mining Business Unit have received permission from the government following the Decision Letter of the Minister of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia No. SK 413/Menhut-II/2013 concerning the Forest Area Borrow Use Permit for production and operation of gold and its derivative minerals through underground mining at a 22.38 hectares of area in Bogor, West Java.

In managing biodiversity, each of ANTAM business unit implements a work program that has been prepared in accordance with the Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Monitoring Plan and PROPER requirements. Of the four ANTAM’s current operating areas, all have biodiversity management plans included in environmental documents, which have been carried out consistently.

The summary of ANTAM’s Biodiversity Management Strategy can be found here.

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