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Energy comprises a significant aspect for ANTAM because energy requirement signifies proportionally with the increased production. Aligned with ANTAM commitments and efforts to accomplish Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) number 7 covering Clean Energy, ANTAM addresses priority to energy conservation policies and programs specifically efficiency. In each business unit, holds energy usage policy and identify its intensity. ANTAM address this policy to optimize the production process.

The energy efficiency policy affords guidance to comply with government regulations in Energy efficiency; Reduce specific energy intensity from the previous year; Increase the energy efficiency ratio of earlier achievement; Implement technology to reduce energy consumption; and implement continuous monitoring and evaluation system.

In 2019, there are several initiatives in energy efficiency. Such as the utilization of Marine Fuel Oil (MFO) sludge at the ferronickel plant in Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit, modification of mixing drums on mixer trucks at Gold Mining Business Unit, improve the preparation system at West Kalimantan Bauxite Mining Business Unit.

In 2019, ANTAM’s total energy usage was recorded at 10.6 million GJ, lower than 2018 of 11.1 million GJ. Overall, the decrease of energy consumption appeared in most business units, specifically Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit, North Maluku Nickel Mining Business Unit, and Precious Metal Processing & Refinery Business Unit. This decrease result in several factors, including fuel reduction and electricity efficiency.

For further information of ANTAM's energy efficiency policy and strategy may catch under following link.

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