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Environmental Responsibility

The Good Mining Practice implementation remains performed in all ANTAM business units based on regulations. It starts from mining, mineral processing, environmental management, Occupational Health & Safety, and community development since it first operates until post-mining.

Within Good Mining Practice implementation, ANTAM has Environmental Policy and ANTAM Green Standard (AGS). Those policies are the essential guidance in operational activities and accomplished through planning, identification, risk management, and environmental monitoring. ANTAM further refers to the Mining Industry Holding policy, the Environment, Work, and Health Safety (K3LH) Strategic Guidelines.

During implementation, environmental impact management is supervised through the Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL) document, the Environmental Management Plan (RKL) & Environmental Monitoring Plan (RPL), and the accepted Postmining Plan (RPT). ANTAM further implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system to maintain excellent performance in all business units.

ANTAM Enviromental Policy:

  1. Develop and implement the environmental management system that refers to the Company’s regulations and applicable regulations.
  2. Attempt to apply systems, technologies, methods, equipment, and materials that provide a minimum impact on the environment in every activity.
  3. Improve human resources professionally within environmental management.
  4. Reduce the disturbed land and rehab that fits its classification, including preserving flora and fauna.
  5. Managing natural resources optimally through conservation and reducing waste.
  6. Contribute efforts to prevent pollution and control its impact.
  7. Supporting greenhouse gas emission reduction with productive programs and innovative initiatives in mining activities.
  8. Promoting sustainable development and consider the necessities in communities surrounding mining operations.
  9. Manage evaluation to improve sustainable environmental performance.

AGS prepared through Director’s Decree No.538.K/0084/ DAT/2017 concerning Environmental Management Policy PT ANTAM Tbk signed August 8, 2017. AGS shifted the environmental management standard in ANTAM. AGS purpose of providing objective and guidelines in operational activities, both internal and external, to achieve effective and efficient results to maintain a sustainable environment.

AGS has 10 environmental standards that applied in every working area. Those standards became a reference at composing environmental management policies or procedures in all business units, development projects, and ANTAM subsidiaries.

10 Environment Standards in AGS:

  1. Environmental Licensing Procedures
  2. Land-Clearing
  3. Reclamation of Post Mined Area
  4. Wastewater Management
  5. Air Quality Management
  6. Hazardous & Toxic and Non-Hazardous & Toxic Waste Management
  7. Hazardous & Toxic Substance Management
  8. Management of Special Type of Hazardous & Toxic Waste
  9. Water Management for Acid Mine Drainage
  10. Minimum Environmental Standard Management for Partners

For further information of Environmental Management Performance, please see the section within ANTAM Sustainability Report.

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