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Indirect Economic Impacts

ANTAM always ensures that every operational activity carried out in the operational area provides economic and social benefits for all stakeholders. The Company consistently participates, especially in the education field and economic empowerment aimed at improving the community welfare. In its implementation, the Company always aligns the programs implemented with the development objectives of local government and in accordance with the agreement with the stakeholders in the Development Planning Conference around the operational area.

The Community Development Program, and the Partnership and community welfare. Program are Our efforts to create sustainable community development, welfare and self-governing society.

In addition, ANTAM not only focus on direct efforts carried out throughout the Company’s operational activities, but also covers post-mining activities that take place after the exploration and mining activities are completed. This is Our commitment to prepare for community independence if at any time ANTAM’s permit expires in the operational area.

For further information of ANTAM's Indirect Economic Impact may catch under following link.

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