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Indirect Economic Impacts

We are committed that Our operational activity must have economic benefits both directly and indirectly to all stakeholders. ANTAM also ensures good operational and financial performances course will be equal to the contribution that We provide to all stakeholders. The following are economic value data produced and distributed by ANTAM in 2018.

As a natural resources based company, ANTAM ensures to always strive the best to provide economic and social benefits to all stakeholders, for the regional and central government, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local society from Our operational areas. In the Company’s sustainability strategy, Our mission is to improve local community welfare and autonomy, especially those in the surrounding of ANTAM’s operational areas. We are also committed to providing direct and indirect assistance to stakeholders, as well as preparing regional independence by preparing post-mining areas into productive land. Therefore, in the future when ANTAM have to close Our activities in that region, the local society and regional’s economy would be able to be sustainable grow.

The list of Economic Value Distribution can be seen on the following link.

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