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ANTAM’s human resources development is aimed at creating ANTAM Personnel to have commitment, competencies, and the best performance to support the achievement of the Company’s vision in 2030. In order to support the achievement the Company has set strategic goal of Human Capital (HC) Excellence as a foundation of human resources management, with attribute BEST. BEST covers several aspects namely Beyond expectations, Environment awareness, and Synergized parTnership which is built from values embraced by ANTAM Personnel and effective leadership attribute. The values are included in PIONEER (Professionalism, Integrity, glObal mentality, harmoNy, ExcEllence, reputation) as values of the Company and SENSE (speed, ENergize, respect, couragE) as leadership attribute that inspires daily conducts of ANTAM Personnel.

Good mining practices which becomes main condition of ANTAM’s operations at all mining business units, requires the implementation of occupational safety and health (K3). All regulations on K3 are stipulated in the Collective Work Agreement (PKB). To establish it, the Company has applied Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) consistently and continuously. In its execution of tasks and authority, the K3 implementation and program is supported by technical units of Occupational Health and Medical Services and Occupational Safety services.

For more information on ANTAM's labor issues, please see here.

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