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Market Presence

2019 economic performance achievement are resulted from the Company’s marketing strategy in boosting ANTAM’s commodity sales. Therefore, ANTAM makes various policies to facilitate consumers such as container-based ferronickel shipment. ANTAM provides warehouse as a temporary storage in Surabaya. In addition, ANTAM’s efforts to boost sales were also carried out by involving trading companies with good cash flow as well as end-buyers in shipping ANTAM’s mining commodities.

In 2019, ANTAM’s commodity sales was increase significantly compared to the previous year. This is supported by the fact ANTAM as one of nickel ore supplier in the global market. Besides being sold in the domestic market, ANTAM’s nickel commodity is also exported to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, India and Ukraine. ANTAM’s bauxite ore is exported to China, while Alumina products are exported to several countries among others Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, India and Singapore. Meanwhile, aside from being sold on the domestic market, gold commodities are also exported to Singapore and Japan.

In April 2019, ANTAM launched a gold gift series product. The gold gift series is special since it is very unique, resembles an ATM card and is very concise. As the name implies, gift series products are intended as rewards and gifts for loved ones at special moments.

The Gold Gift Series products are thematic, simple, and attractive, and we are targeting everyone, especially millennials, who look for alternative gifts to give to their family, friends, or the closest people they value and care about.

ANTAM through UBPP Logam Mulia launched Bezel gold series II on November 26, 2019 in Jakarta. This product comes with four motifs and two variants of gold weight, this product provides added value for customers as collectible items as well as investment.

The launch of the second series Logam Mulia bezel is a reflection of the Company’s innovative efforts to continue providing added value to customers. This product will also complement the Precious Metal jewelry product portfolio that is in high demand by the public. Bezels series II has different advantages and characters compared to its predecessor. A more detailed design is the main characteristic that forms emotional value for the users. The unique Gold Bezel combined with the Indonesian Batik gold series will be a cultural collaboration that will become a valuable work of art for collectors.

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