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Various materials are used during production process at each business unit of ANTAM, according to type of product to be produced. None of the material used originated from recycling process from the third party, however there are disposed materials from production process which are reused after being processed by the unit.

In limited capacity, ANTAM has recycled part of the material in production process, and the recycled materials are not from the consumers. The recycled materials to be reused at UBP Gold Pongkor were water and cyanide (CN) residue from cyanide process. Water reuse through recirculation mechanism, in which water from tailing dam was pumped to the process water tank of the plant to be reused. The effort of reusing materials for production process was also applied at UBP Nickel Southeast Sulawesi, by recycling the waste which still contained nickel component to be used as nickel ore substitution.

ANTAM ensures Good Mining Practices along with the principles of prudence and compliance towards the applicable law and regulations are always carried out by all employees. This Good Mining Practice spirit is well-embedded in all business lines and day-to-day operations of the Company, from exploration, mining, mineral processing, environmental management, implementation of OHS in all work areas, community development from the early stages of mining up to its post-mining stages.

As one of the pillar of significance of our sustainability, Planet is manifested in various strategic policies of the Company and implementation guidance and procedures related to environmental management, namely

  • Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA)
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans, and Environmental Management Plans and the approved Post-Mining Plans
  • ANTAM Green Standard (AGS) in accordance with ANTAM’s Board of Directors Decree number 01.K/0084/DAT/2013 regarding Environmental Management Guidelines January 3, 2013. AGS covers environmental standards which are applied in all ANTAM’s work areas and can be utilized as references in the development of policies or procedures related to environmental management in units /business units/development projects/head office and subsidiaries

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