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Social Responsibility

We believe that Company’s growth can be displayed from the community advancement around the Company’s operational area, as a form of the company’s achievement. Therefore, ANTAM always synergize with stakeholders to create sustainable development.

ANTAM has a strategy to improve quality of life of the community. It is formulated in ANTAM’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Strategy based on the Company’s vision and mission as well as CSR values. We also conducted various studies in collaboration with various independent partners to ensure the carried out programs were effective and efficient.

Within CSR Strategy, ANTAM has three commitments consisting of Positive Impacts on the Environment, Prosperous and Independent Communities, and also Human Resource Development. Support for social and economic community development around ANTAM’s operational areas is included in the second commitment, the Prosperous and Independent Community. In carrying out this commitment, ANTAM strives to contribute and improve indirect economic benefits, the potential of local communities, and independence of post-mining communities through a program called Sustainable Community Development Program (PPMB).

Since 2017, ANTAM’s CSR Master Plan has been adjusted to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) goals based on Government Regulation Number 59/2017. The integration of ANTAM’s CSR Master Plan is in accordance with the SDGs will be applied on CSR Master Plan 2020-2024. In addition, it does not only refer to the SDGs regarding achieving Sustainable Development, ANTAM’s CSR Master Plan is also adapted to seven core subjects of ISO 26000, which are governance, human rights, environmental, labor practices, fair operation practices, consumers, community engagement and development. We are working in an integrated manner to provide the maximum benefit for the welfare and prosperity of the community.

It is important for Us to make prosperous and independent community around our operational area, as a form of our second commitment in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Prosperous and Independent Community. Therefore, ANTAM’s responsibility towards a prosperous and independent community is implemented in the Sustainable Community Development Program (PPMB), that divided it into 3 categories: Community Development Program (ComDev), Partnership and Community Stewardship Program (PKBL), and Post-mining Activities.

To get a more complete picture of our Social Performance, please see the section within our Sustainability Report.

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