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Waste Management

ANTAM performs every effort that complies with regulations to manage waste. ANTAM also attempt to minimize the negative impacts of waste to prevent conflict with the community around the operational area.

In operational activities, ANTAM produced Hazardous and Toxic (B3) and non-B3 waste. To Hazardous and Toxic waste generated, if the Company is unable to reuse, ANTAM delivered it to a licensed waste management company. Likewise, the non- Hazardous and Toxic waste (domestic waste), if the Company is unable to recycle, it delivered to a public garbage facility.

ANTAM has waste management policy for Hazardous & Toxic and Non- Hazardous & Toxic Waste as well as defined waste management standard procedures which suitable with its characteristics. This policy able to promote well-planned waste management system, a timely monitoring system, and continuous evaluation in business units.

In the Southeast Sulawesi Nickel Mining Business Unit, ANTAM developed slag as supporting material or concrete construction called POTON.  While at Gold Mining Business Unit, ANTAM attempts to reduce Hazardous and Toxic Waste generated from mining and processing activities. The Company uses tailings as an underground road base.

For further information of ANTAM's waste management strategy may catch under following link.

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