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Career Opportunities

We constantly recruit the best individual to join in developing the Company.


We constantly recruit the best individual to join in developing the Company.


About Us

PT ANTAM Tbk (ANTAM) is a vertically integrated, export-oriented, diversified mining and metals company. Through operational areas spread throughout Indonesia, ANTAM's activities cover exploration, mining, processing and marketing of nickel ore, ferronickel, gold, silver, bauxite, alumina and coal. United by the same goal which is to increase the value of the company through reducing costs in line with growing business in order to create sustainable profits, our employees work together in order to realize the Company's Vision & Mission with the spirit of SOEs for Indonesia.

ANTAM's Unit / Business Unit:

Why Us

ANTAM believes that Human Resources is one of the important assets of the company. Quality human resources will be sustainable with the application of increasingly evolving technology that will lead to the achievement of positive performance of the Company.

We stated our Human Resources as “Insan ANTAM,” based on our values ”PIONEER” (Professionalism, Integrity, Global Mentality, Harmony, Excellence, and Reputation), whose actualization starts with a leader characterized by “SENSE” (Speed, Energize, Respect, and Courage), we will bring Insan ANTAM  to the level of Human Capital Excellence which is characterized by BEST (Beyond Expectation, Environmental Awareness, and Synergized Partnership).

Some reasons why you need to join us.

  • A Great Place to Work. A dynamic work environment coupled with mutually supportive, encouraging and family work relationships that reflect one of ANTAM's values, Harmony. In the face of rapid change at this time, ANTAM encourages and / or is open to ideas and innovations by Insan ANTAM.

  • Remuneration and Benefits. ANTAM's remuneration system always refers to the competitive market salary in the mining business world. In the case of health facilities, ANTAM guarantees employee welfare through full health benefits to ANTAM's people.

  • Career Development. ANTAM has a career management system that allows all ANTAM's people the opportunity to become future leaders.

  • Growth & Development. ANTAM guarantees continuous learning through training and mentoring activities. As part of Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID), opportunities for enrichment and self-development are opened that can help employees improve and / or apply experience, knowledge, and skills through the talent mobility program among fellow members of the holding. 

We always recruit the best individuals to anticipate growth and global challenges.

Recruitment Types

  • Professional Hire
  • Fresh Graduates: ANTAM Fresh Graduate Program (AFGP) is an apprenticeship program conducted by ANTAM to capture the nation's best graduates through innovative learning methods consisting of Theory in Class & On the Job Training.

Examples of Fraud Documents in the Name of ANTAM

ANTAM is not responsible for any losses caused by recruitment fraud in the name of PT ANTAM Tbk.

Tips & Tricks to Avoid Recruitment Fraud

  • Make sure that you have applied for a career opportunity at PT ANTAM Tbk through our official website at  
  • Check the company domain, make sure the domain comes only from
  • Beware of email domains from: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, recruitment@ptantam, corsec@antamtbk, etc.
  • Employee recruitment process will be announced through the official website and / or  email [email protected] 
  • Be vigilant if you are asked for fees: ANTAM has never collected any fees (accommodation, transportation, test fees, and other fees) in the recruitment process
  • Be careful if directed to the specified travel agent: ANTAM has never collaborated with any travel agent in the recruitment process
  • Examine the grammar and logo on the summons: usually the logo used looks blurry and inaccurate and the language looks ambiguous if further investigated
  • Check the company's address and telephone number : ANTAM is located at: Gedung Aneka Tambang, Jl. Letjen. T.B . Simatupang No. 1 Lingkar Selatan, Tanjung Barat, Jakarta 12530. Telp (021) 7891234. Fax (021) 7891224. Website:
  • Be careful when submitting job application and personal documents to offers and / or vacancies information whose source is unclear. Verify the information back to the official website and / or ANTAM's official social media.

Tips on Following up Recruitment Fraud in the Name of ANTAM

If you find out and / or get suspicious recruitment information and e-mail invitations by asking for certain rewards, you can make a complaint via email to [email protected] and [email protected].
Block False Account Numbers

  • Visit the nearest bank in accordance with the account number stated in the fraud advertisement to report it
  • Report fake account numbers used by fraudsters in the name of ANTAM
  • The Bank will carry out further investigations
  • Applying for a block of fake account numbers to reduce similar incidents.

Account Check. Or before you transfer money for online transaction needs, check the recipient's account through: To confirm that the recipient's account has never been reported by the public or has been indicated as a crime. Furthermore, the public can report the account number along with the fraud mode and then verify it if the account number and mode is fraudulent.
Report to OJK. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has also opened account fraud complaint services. You do this by photographing the screen, or screen capture SMS / E-mail, then sent to OJK via E-mail to [email protected]. In addition, the public can contact OJK consumer services through numbers 1-500-655.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Where can I get information about ANTAM's job vacancies?

You can find information about ANTAM's job vacancies on our official website [click] Career Opportunities and our official social media.

  • Where can I upload / send job application files?

You can upload / send job application files through a link that can be accessed only when the recruitment period is open. 

  • I got an invitation for a recruitment process that is suspicious, where should I make a report to verify information about recruitment?

You can make a verify request by emailing to [email protected] or [email protected].


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