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ESG Activities

Improving Economic Development and Community Empowerment


PT ANTAM Tbk (ANTAM) Gold Mining Business Unit sustainably run the Corporate Social Responsibility programs as a commitment to community empowerment. The commitment realized through the contribution of CSR in every sustainable community development program aligns with environmental conservation efforts and can provide added value for relevant stakeholders, as well as encourage prosperity and independence in the community of ANTAM operations area.  

The implementation of CSR distribution - not only consider the positive impact for the beneficiaries or the community, but also very valuable for the company. Four factors drive strategic aspirations in each of company’s CSR implementations, namely: (1) Strengthening the company's positive CSR reputation; (2) Obtaining and maintaining social licenses or support from stakeholders; (3) Maximizing the positive impact of the company's presence; (4) Contributing directly to core business activities. 

The success of the CSR Program of ANTAM Gold Mining Business Unit, in the Community Empowerment-based Economic Improvement, it was realized after the control of illegal mining or we called as ‘’PETI’’. It all started in a village located far above the hill known as Gunung Dahu. its territory is included in the area of Bantar Karet Village, Nanggung District. 

The company’s CSR program has implemented a Closed House Chicken Farming Program in Gunung Dahu Village. Then a derivative program was made to treat chicken manure waste, namely an integrated farming program. In addition to Gunung Dahu Village, ANTAM Pongkor's CSR also makes a program in Ciguha Village with the Ciguha Ecoriparian Program. It doesn't stop there, ANTAM Pongkor's CSR also created programs in the second ring of companies through the Kiarasari Ecovillage program.


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