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Indirect Economic Impacts

ANTAM ensures that the Company is fully committed to providing economic and social benefits for all stakeholders. We have a mission to improve community welfare and regional independence throughout the Company’s operational areas through various Social and Environmental responsibility programs that are carried out. Therefore, the Company in making programs is always in line with the local regional development agenda and in accordance with the agreement with stakeholders in the Development Planning Deliberation.
Furthermore, ANTAM’s community commitment does not only extend to the company’s operational activities but also implements various other postmining programs. This is done to prepare the area and the surrounding community to be independent after ANTAM’s mining business license expires in its operational area.

ANTAM has implemented various Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL) programs throughout 2021. These programs have an indirect economic impact and support community progress towards regional independence, including street lighting, coffee and cocoa education programs, economic improvement for coastal fishermen, provision of ambulance assistance and medical equipment, construction of oxygen clinic houses, spring maintenance programs, and others. To read more about the full discussion of indirect economic impacts, see the chapter “Encouraging Communities to Grow Sustainable”.

For further information of ANTAM's Indirect Economic Impact may catch under following link.

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