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ANTAM realizes that the key to the success of a quality determines business activity and performance of its Human Resources. Employees are not only the drivers of operational activities but are also the key to various Company achievements. Based on this understanding, ANTAM is committed to manage employees in a professional, effective, and measurable manner to generate Human Resources (HR) that are superior, competent, and have integrity.

The implementation of sustainability in the People pillar carried out by ANTAM focuses on HR management and proper implementation of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). ANTAM realizes that the Company’s sustainability cannot be realized without optimal safety and health for all employees. Therefore, ANTAM integrates OHS policies and practices are an integral part of the Company’s work culture to ensure that every employee operates in a safe and healthy environment.

For ANTAM, managing the People pillar is more than an obligation, but a sustainable investment that will assist Us in realizing business activities that provide positive benefits for all stakeholders.

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