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Waste Management

Like any other mining and industrial companies, ANTAM operational activities generate waste which categorized into general waste and hazardous waste. If these waste are not effectively managed, it can have an adverse impact, namely water and soil pollutions which then can lead to environmental degradation and affecting public health.

To that end, as a part of ANTAM waste management, we identified how and when waste as are generated, especially significant waste throughout Our value chain, from exploration, mining and processing, to marketing.

We are committed to managing waste in accordance with the prevailing regulations, thus we can eliminate the potential negative impacts towards the environment and local communities surrounding Our operational areas, and where possible reused and reutilized Our waste for Our activities and other purpose so we can help reduce the volume of waste that are being sent to the final landfill.

ANTAM seeks to reuse hazardous waste through various innovations with little impact. As for hazardous waste that cannot be reused, the Company will send it to licensed third parties. The same applies to non-hazardous waste. The non-hazardous waste will be placed in landfills if it cannot be reused. This hazardous and non-hazardous waste management policy is carried out based on the standard procedures of the applicable regulations and is constantly monitored regularly, followed by an evaluation process.

For further information of ANTAM's waste management strategy may catch under following link.

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