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ANTAM's Tax and Non-Tax State Revenues Contribution to the State Amounted to Rp2.82 Trillion in 2022

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Jakarta, May 19, 2023 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM), member of Mining Industry Indonesia (Persero) (MIND ID) – the State-Owned Enterprise Holding of the Mining Industry, is announcing that the Company recorded an increase in Contributions to the State in the form of Tax payments and the fulfilment of Non-Tax State Revenues with a total contribution of Rp2.82 trillion in 2022 or increased 15% from the 2021 contribution of Rp2.44 trillion.

ANTAM Corporate Secretary, Syarif Faisal Alkadrie, said:
"ANTAM as a company has a contribution to the State income. We always put a priority on the implementation of good mining practices in Our operation and have the commitment to deliver positive value to the Nation. As a part of the good corporate governance implementation, ANTAM, as the national strategic natural resources-based company, commits to Tax and Non-Tax payment fulfilment obligations to the State. In the future, ANTAM has a sustained commitment to deliver positive value contribution to the State and the community." 

In tax administration, ANTAM prioritizes the involvement and participation of the tax authorities to be transparent in tax examination. The involvement of the tax authority in the audit is carried out to maintain transparency and ensure that the Company has complied with all applicable regulations. To make an optimal contribution to the state and society, ANTAM is committed to being guided by the applicable laws and regulations and implementing conservative practices regarding Taxes and Non-Tax State Revenues.

As the appreciation of the Tax fulfilment obligation, in February 2023, ANTAM awardees as the "Taxpayer with the Largest Revenue Contribution in 2022" and "Taxpayer Holding and Sub holding Supporting Business Group Compliance in 2022" by the Large Taxpayer Three, Directorate General of Taxes, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. 

Contribution to the Community through Environmental Social Responsibility Program
In line with ANTAM's commitment to bring the best contribution, in 2022, ANTAM distributed Rp124,47 billion of funds for the Corporate Social Responsibility Program consisting of the Micro and Small Business Funding Program of Rp6,82 billion and the programs beyond Micro Small Business Funding of Rp117,65 billion. The Corporate Social Responsibility contribution distributed by the Company throughout the operating area is carried out to realize the Company's mission which is also in line with the achievement target contained in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The distribution of Environmental Social Responsibility Program ANTAM funds is also one form of contribution to the State which is carried out by referring to the Environmental Social Responsibility pillars of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises, which consists of the four main pillars of the Economic Pillar, the Social Pillar, the Environmental Pillar, and the Pillar of Law & Governance.