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ANTAM Builds Oxygen Clinic House in Pongkor

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ANTAM Builds Oxygen Clinic House in Pongkor

Jakarta, September 24, 2021 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) built an Oxygen Clinic House in Nanggung District for medical oxygen needs around the Bogor area. The Oxygen Clinic House is a facility that contains 10 units of 10 Liters Oxygen Concentrator and 10 patient beds which was inaugurated by the Regent of Bogor Regency, Ibu Hj. Ade Yasin, S.H. M.H. with General Manager of Gold Mining Business Unit, Bapak Muhidin.

ANTAM's Corporate Secretary Division Head, Bapak Yulan Kustiyan said that the Oxygen Clinic House managed by the Nanggung Health Center was the company's commitment to implementing Environmental Social Responsibility, especially the implementation of the Superior Synergy Pillar in the Health sector in helping to provide medical oxygen for the community, especially in around the operational area of Gold Mining Business Unit as well as in Bogor Regency.

“The construction of the Oxygen Clinic House in Nanggung District is expected to help increase support for health services for people in need. This Oxygen Clinic House functions as first aid for Covid-19 asymptomatic person and patients with mild symptoms who experience a decrease in oxygen saturation in their bodies while undergoing self-isolation at home or isolation facilities provided by the local government. Thus, it is expected that the patient's condition will improve and not experience a decline in medical condition,” said Yulan.

ANTAM, member of MIND ID (Mining Industry Indonesia), the SOE's Holding Mining Industry prioritizes the fulfilment of Environmental Social Responsibility aspects for the community around the operational area and the environment, including the public health aspect.

“This has encouraged ANTAM's involvement in providing assistance to the Bogor Regency government to build an Oxygen Clinic House in handling public health who need oxygen therapy quickly and appropriately,” added Yulan.

The Oxygen Clinic House is one of ANTAM's commitments to support accelerate the handling of Covid-19, especially around the Business Unit area, in line with the company's sustainability goal to grow and develop with the community.