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ANTAM Manage Online Gold Transaction to Prevent Covid-19

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Jakarta, April 16, 2020 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) through Precious Metal Processing & Refinery Business Unit remains active to prevent Covid-19 within an online gold transaction services by the website and WhatsApp pre-order services. The Company also re-open Logam Mulia Gold Boutique (BELM) with limited services as the pick-up point of gold purchased by a customer.

ANTAM's Commerce Director, Aprilandi H. Setia, said:
"Besides preventing Covid-19 pandemic, the online gold transaction services are Company commitment to the customers. They may purchase via websites or pre-order via WhatsApp application and then pick-up at the nearest Logam Mulia Gold Boutique. Employees and customers health and safety is Company priority. Therefore ANTAM signifies the health and Mining Industry Holding (MIND ID) readiness protocol in Logam Mulia Gold Boutique operation during Covid-19 pandemic."

The online transaction administers through, meanwhile pre-order and buyback transaction via WhatsApp application. The Company also providing a safe and secure payment facility through virtual account transfer. Customers also can choose the pick-up method at BELM or delivery services by Company’s expedition partner with term and condition as below:

  • Delivery services by Company’s vendors are provided for transactions up to Rp100 million.
  • Pick-up at Logam Mulia Gold Boutique is provided for transactions over Rp20 million. Customers cannot be authorized to another person, must present the original ID, and online purchasing invoice.
  • Pick-up products at the nearest Logam Mulia Gold Boutique a maximum of 7 calendar days after the transaction date.

ANTAM further manage WhatsApp order and buyback services. Each of Logam Mulia Gold Boutique has its own unique WhatsApp number for convenience and security during transactions. This program will lower the customers encounter duration and queues. Online transaction services will provide CertiCard and Gift Series products based upon availability.
Meanwhile, the limited operation of BELM services during Covid-19 pandemic also point buyback services for the registered customer that have been done registration in advance via WhatsApp application.

The BELM Mall Ambasador Jakarta, BELM Plaza Ravindo Jakarta, BELM Gedung Aneka Tambang, and BELM Surabaya Pemuda are not operating. BELM operations constantly prioritizing the principle of security, health, and safety with the Covid-19 Treatment Protocol in ANTAM as follows:

  • Body temperature checks for all employees and customers. The transaction is not allowed for the feverish person above 37,5oC, and ANTAM’s suggest a medical treatment to the health facility.
  • All employees and customers are required to wash their hands with hand sanitizer or portable wash provided.
  • The cash transaction is not allowed.

Customers and employees security, health, and safety are ANTAM priorities. The Company has seriously anticipated Covid-19 following Government and WHO regulations. ANTAM promotes the customers to manage a transaction on the official website and continually cautious of suspicious offers. Further information about BELM location, online transaction mechanism and WhatsApp number can be see through and Precious Metals Processing & Refinery Business Unit official Instagram account @antamlogammulia.