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Solid Result of The ANTAM Unaudited Production and Sales Performance Within 2020

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Solid Result of The ANTAM Unaudited Production and Sales Performance Within 2020

In 2020, ANTAM Records Unaudited Ferronickel Production and Sales Volume to 25,970 Ton Nickel Within Ferronickel (TNi) and 26,163 TNi. ANTAM Marked the Highest Ferronickel Production Performance in 2020.

On Gold Sales, ANTAM Focus to Develop the Domestic Gold Customer Based. In 2020, ANTAM Record Unaudited Gold Sales Figure of 21,797 Kg (700,789 t oz).

During 2020, ANTAM Booked the Unaudited Nickel Ore Production Volume of 4.76 Million Wet Metric Ton (Wmt) with Unaudited Sales Figure of 3.30 million Wmt.

During 2020, ANTAM’s Unaudited Bauxite Production and Sales Reached 1.55 Million Wmt and 1.23 Million Wmt Respectively.


Jakarta, January 21, 2021 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM) announce the solid growth unaudited production and sales performance of the Company’s main commodities production and sales figure in 2020. The solid growth of ANTAM’s unaudited production and sales performance is reflecting Company’s commitment to maintain the sustainability of the Company’s operation production and sales in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic through the implementation of proper health protocols with high consistency.

During the fourth quarter period of 2020 (October-December 2020, 4Q20), ANTAM’s unaudited ferronickel production reached 6,837 ton nickel within ferronickel (TNi), increase 7% compared to production on third quarter period of 2020 (July-September 2020, 3Q20) that amounted to 6,371 TNi. ANTAM’s unaudited ferronickel sales volume in 4Q20 reached 6,639 TNi, increase 2% compared to 3Q20. During 2020 (January-December 2020, FY20) ANTAM’s booked the accumulative unaudited ferronickel production and sales volume to 25,970 TNi and 26,163 TNi respectively. Upon 2020, the ANTAM’s unaudited ferronickel production performance marked the all-time high achievement.

In midst of positive growth of public awareness in gold investment, ANTAM focusing to develop gold base product customers in domestic market. During 4Q20, ANTAM’s unaudited gold sales volume reached 6,921 Kg (222,515 t oz), meanwhile unaudited gold production volume in 4Q20 from Pongkor and Cibaliung mine reached 388 Kg (12,474 t oz). ANTAM’s booked the accumulative unaudited gold production and sales volume amounted to 1,672 kg (53,756 t oz) dan 21,797 kg (700,789 t oz) respectively.

In running its Precious Metal business, ANTAM always puts the safety and customers’ trust first policy by ensuring that each  transaction is carried out according to the procedures of handing over the goods and under the official price set by the Company. ANTAM always sells its Precious Metal product under the official prices as set out in the website which is regularly updated. In addition to carrying out the online methods of the Precious Metal business, ANTAM also carries out direct selling or direct transaction to the customers or the proxy of the customer and never make the selling through any third party. 

In 4Q20 the Company’s unaudited nickel ore production volume which produced as ferronickel plant feed ore material as well being sold to domestic market customers are amounting to 1.90 million wet metric tons (wmt), increased 28% compared to production in 3Q20 that amounted to 1.49 million wmt. In 4Q20, ANTAM recorded unaudited nickel ore sales volume of 2.09 million wmt, significantly increased compared to 3Q20 nickel ore sales volume amounted to 1.04 million wmt. During the FY20 period, ANTAM booked the unaudited nickel ore production volume of 4.76 million wmt with the unaudited sales figure of 3.30 million wmt.

On the bauxite segment, ANTAM recorded unaudited bauxite production volume in 4Q20, which was used as ore feed for alumina production and as well as being sold to the customer, amounted to 255 thousand wmt with the unaudited bauxite sales volume in 4Q20 reached 276 thousand wmt.  During FY20, ANTAM booked the unaudited bauxite sales volume of 1.23 million wmt and produce around 1.55 million wmt of bauxite (unaudited).