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ANTAM Recorded Positive Performance Growth During The First Nine Month Period of 2021 With Profit for The Year Amounted Rp1.71 Trillion

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ANTAM Recorded Positive Performance Growth  During The First Nine Month Period of 2021 With Profit for The Year Amounted Rp1.71 Trillion

Jakarta, November 12, 2021 - PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTAM; IDX: ANTM; ASX: ATM), member of Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) – the State-Owned Enterprise Holding of the Mining Industry, is pleased to announce the Company’s positive financial performance growth during the First Nine Month Period of 2021 (9M21). The positive performance growth was in line with the Company’s effort to increased product added value, optimization on production and sales performance as well as implementation of appropriate and efficient cost management.

In 9M21 ANTAM’s solid operational and financial performance was reflected from Earning Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA) amounted to Rp3.94 trillion. The growth of ANTAM’s profitability in 9M21 is reflected in ANTAM’s gross profit of Rp5.14 trillion, an increase of 77% from gross profit in First Nine Month Period of 2020 (9M20) amounting to Rp2.90 trillion. Meanwhile, ANTAM's operating profit in 9M21 is recorded at Rp2.35 trillion, increased by 63% from the operating profit in 9M20 of Rp1.44 trillion. The solid improvement of gross and operating profits gave support to ANTAM’s net profit in 9M21 amounted Rp1.71 trillion, an increase of 105% compared to net profit in 9M20 of Rp835.77 billion.

The proper implementation of the Company’s operational strategy was also reflecting in the positive profitability of its main commodity that comprised of nickel, gold, and bauxite products. Throughout 9M21, the Company was generating a positive inflow of net cash provided from operating activities amounted to Rp4.45 trillion, significantly increased 298% compare to the net cash provided from operating activities within the 9M20 period of Rp1.12 trillion. Within 9M21, the Company posted a net increase in cash and cash equivalents amounted to Rp2.36 trillion. ANTAM’s cash and cash equivalents in 9M21 reached Rp6.37 trillion, increase 73% from 9M20 of Rp3.67 trillion. Further information of ANTAM’s Interim Consolidated Financial Statement for the ended September 30, 2021 is available at Company’s official website, ANTAM’s solid financial performances were also reflected on the Company’s performance to remain its corporate credit rating from the S&P Global at the “B+/outlook stable” rating as well as the ANTAM’s Sustainable Bonds I Year 2011 ratings from PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (PEFINDO) at the “idA/stable outlook”.
ANTAM’s Production & Sales Performance Remains Solid in 9M21
In 9M21, ANTAM net sales amounted Rp26.48 trillion, rose to 47% compared to net sales in 9M20 amounted Rp18.04 trillion. Revenue from domestic sales activity as the dominant contributor amounted Rp20.59 trillion or equal to 78% of the Company’s total net sales in 9M21. According with commodity segment, gold sales was the largest contributor of ANTAM’s net sales amounted Rp17.67 trillion (67%), ferronickel booked net sales of Rp4.34 trillion (16%), nickel ore amounted Rp3.25 trillion (12%), and bauxite & alumina segment amounted Rp959.24 billion (4%).

In 2021, ANTAM is focusing on developing the domestic customer base especially for gold and nickel ore commodities in line with the positive growth awareness of gold investment and positive growth demand for Company’s gold product on domestic market. During 9M21, ANTAM’s gold sales volume 19,871 kg (638,867 t.oz), rose to 34% from the achievement in 9M20 of 14,876 kg (478,275 t.oz).  Meanwhile, ANTAM’s gold production volume from the Pongkor and Cibaliung mines posted at 1,162 kg (37,359 t.oz). ANTAM continues to innovate in its way of conduction Logam Mulia gold product marketing services through the implementation of online gold sales and buyback through the official website at

In 9M21, ANTAM recorded a positive result for its nickel segment. In 9M21, ANTAM’s ferronickel production volume reached 19,097 ton of nickel in ferronickel (TNi), with the ferronickel sales volume in 9M21 amounted to 18,880 TNi. Meanwhile for the nickel ore commodity, in 9M21, the Company’s production volume of nickel ore, which was used as the ore feed to the ferronickel plant as as well as sold to the domestic market amounted to 8.30 million wet metric ton (wmt), significantly increased by 190% compared to the nickel ore production in 9M20 of 2.86 milion wmt. Meanwhile, the sales volume of nickel ore in the domestic market reached 5.76 million wmt in 9M21, significantly increased by 376% compared to sales volume in 9M20 of 1.21 million wmt. In 2021, ANTAM is focusing on development of Company’s domestic nickel ore market in line with the positive nickel outlook demand from domestic market with taking priority on the conservation aspect of ANTAM's nickel ore reserves and resources.

In 9M21, ANTAM recorded bauxite ore production volume, which was used as ore feed for alumina production and as well as being sold to the third party customer, amounted to 1.37 million wmt, increase 5% compared to bauxite ore production volume in 9M20 of 1.30 million wmt. Furthermore, ANTAM recorded bauxite ore sales volume of 910 thousand wmt in 9M21. Meanwhile, the production volume of CGA product reached 55,814 ton alumina in 9M21 with the sales volume of 93,869 ton alumina, increase 54% from the sales volume in 9M20 of 60,873 ton alumina.