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ESG Activities

ANTAM Planted 13,000 Trees in 2013 at North Konawe Region

ANTAM Planted 13,000 Trees in 2013 at North Konawe Region

In 2013, ANTAM had planted almost 13,000 trees in the Molawe, Lasolo, Andowia and Wiwirano districts, North Konawe, Southeast Sulawesi.

The North Konawe region is the location of ANTAM's future mining and nickel pig iron smelter, located in Tapunopaka and Bahubulu regions. Despite the development status, ANTAM is committed in holding the green mining company as its operations philosophy.

The planting of the trees is spread throughout the North Konawe region, including the surrounding of hauling road, schools, local government offices as well as critical lands. The planting initiative was conducted in cooperation with local government.

Together with the Molawe district government, ANTAM donated seeds of swietenia mahagoni, gmelia arborea, albizia chinensis, albizia saman, terminalia catappa, vitex cofassus, mango, avocado, manilkara zapota, orange, local trees and anthocepallus macrophyllus.

The planting is part of ANTAM's initiative to support the One Billion Indonesia Trees (OBIT) program, aiming to increase land acreage, lower critical land, increase carbon dioxide absorption as well as water conservation.

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