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ANTAM implements various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to benefit communities surrounding operational areas and enhance their quality of life towards regional independence.

In 2023, ANTAM recorded the realization of Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) Program Funds of Rp174.66 billion consisting of the Micro and Small Business Funding Program (PUMK) Rp26 billion and Programs excluding PUMK Rp148.66 billion.

ANTAM always evaluates its CSR performance through the Community Satisfaction Index (CSI). This evaluation aims to improve and enhance the programs that have been implemented. Thus, in the future, the Company will be able to provide quality services and provide more maximum benefits to stakeholders. In 2023, ANTAM’s CSI score reached 87.43 points. The CSI score in 2023 is included in the ”Very Satisfied” predicate.

For more information on ANTAM's community development, please see here.

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