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As part of a SOE's company, ANTAM is committed to creating a Prosperous and Independent Society. Around the operational area, ANTAM implements the Sustainable Community Development Program (PPMB) which in its implementation focuses on three categories, namely: Community Development Program (ComDev), the Partnership and Community Stewardship Program (PKBL), and Post-Mining Program.

Throughout 2020, ANTAM has distributed CSR costs amounting to Rp82.12 billion for community development programs. Several of Our 2020 community development programs are continual annual programs from the previous period.

In 2020, the realization of the distribution of Partnership Program (PK) funds reached Rp11.72 billion, of which Rp11.41 billion was channeled in the form of business capital loans. Meanwhile, Rp0.31 billion used for Foster Partner development activities. Partnership Program funds disbursed to 293 Foster Partners.

In 2020, ANTAM budgeted Community Stewardship Program from the company’s costs of Rp5.13 billion, the realization of Community Stewardship funds was recorded at Rp5.17 billion. The effectiveness of Community Stewardship funds distribution in 2020 is 100.81%.

To strengthen institutional capacity, ANTAM constantly monitors, consistently preparing and strengthening institutions to realize regional independence’s acceleration. ANTAM continuously provides training and knowledge to the community related to economic independence, social, economic, and other individual aspects. We are also assisted by stakeholders in realizing the community development program.

For more information on ANTAM's community development implementation, please see here.

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